Steps to Process Traditional Oil from Red Fruits

The oil of red fruits from Papua has many advantages or manfaat buah merah. Processing The processing of red fruits for the traditional oil is taken as follows:

the fruit is harvested by cut, and the fruit core is then cut into small pieces (between 5-10 cm in diameter). The pieces are then boiled with a temperature of 100 degrees C so that the fruit texture becomes soft. Then melted to separate the seeds with the fruit flesh. Furthermore, the remaining boiling water is removed until the remaining part is tender and pressed to obtain pure juice. The juice is then boiled in a saucepan or container until the oil can be extracted.

Then, the oil will be separated from the water by being on the surface. The dregs result from this extraction process can be used as a sauce. Papuans use this sauce to eat sweet potatoes or sago, their staple food. The oil and red fruit sauce extracted can be stored in a closed bottle to avoid rancid oil. Papuan people usually keep it above the fireplace, so that the quality of sauce and red fruit oil is maintained.