Work Interview Questions that Need to Know and the Answer

To get a job, in addition, to already apply at, an applicant is generally required to pass several stages that become a requirement by the company. One of the steps that a worker must pass is an interview. The company does not want to lose with everything that it does, including on this recruitment. So in achieving its goal of benefiting from this recruitment process, the company represented by HRD (Human Resource Development) will provide a number of procedures or stages to the job applicants. Procedures that one of them in the form of tests and interviews is done so that companies do not the wrong recruit or choose people to be employed.

The first question often asked by the interviewer on the part of HRD is, “please explain yourself?” If you get a question like this, then you should be able to answer it succinctly and in essence. Explain what you can offer from yourself. In this one question, the interviewer wants to know how long your experience, the type of company, and what has been done in the old company. Do not forget also to be able to connect your work with your old company with passion or likes and hobbies that suit the job. From this answer, HRD will usually be able to know your knowledge, your personality traits, and your abilities.