1. Why was ecommerce the best approach to achieve Nick Swinmurn`s vision of the perfect shoe store?

Session 9: Zappos.com Case Study Questions

  1. Why was ecommerce the best approach to achieve Nick Swinmurn’s vision of the perfect shoe store?

    1. It offered high convenience since locating products is easy using internal search engines

    2. It enables the consumers to compare prices so that they can find the best deals

    3. It saves the cost overheads of having a physical store thus, the products can be slightly cheaper than in brick and mortar shops

    4. The customers can choose from a variety of options as different items are listed

    5. Online shops eliminate travel time and costs

  1. How does the overall construction of the Zappos.com Web site contribute to the success of the business? Organization your answer around the three elements of Web site design: content, design (i.e. look and feel, and ease of navigation), and functionality (i.e. user interactivity).




Has a top navigation bar for accessing desired pages easily

The brand index is arranged in an alphabetical order for convenient location of desired products

It is designed in a way that it ensures that users can find their area of interest easily according to product type

Customers can search by options

The search feature is located both at the front and center of the web pages

User can easily find products they are searching for

Offers a side navigation that facilitates convenient access to various pages

The products are classified into main categories and subcategories

Allows user to shop for specific items

It indicates suggested products that are related products depending on an individual’s search path

The site has large buttons and links for directing customers

It outlines related products that may interest users to attract them into checking other products

It shows demographic concerning the people who have purchased, viewed or liked a product in the social sites

The products are also segmented into male and female options

It has direct links that enable users to access their areas of interest in just a single click

  1. What steps did Zappos.com take to ensure that the firm’s work culture fit well with the so-called “Internet Generation?” Why is this important to the organization’s success?

    1. steps taken:

      1. The company ensured that every employee received training in customer focus, company culture and strategy

      2. The company established a policy that required every employee to use twitter for daily company communication

      3. The organization also established blogs that facilitated direct interaction with the customers

      4. The business created more websites that increased the variety of products a customer of the business can access

    2. importance:

      1. The acceptance of a diverse culture helps employees to attain individuality

      2. The free style work code provides an entertaining and innovative atmosphere at the work place

      3. Since each person has permission to dress, talk and engage in their hobbies at work, the management encourages diversity

      4. The employees are allowed an independent work environment that helps to achieve business success using novel investment management techniques

  1. What advantages did Amazon.com bring to the merger/acquisition of Zappos.com and what did Zappos bring?

Zappo’s Contributions

Amazon’s Contributions:

The company introduced an established shoes retail service with huge clientele

It has a large scale distribution infrastructure worldwide

It came with an experienced marketing team that is savvy with the social media promotion

The company has an established marketing and supply service providers

Facilitates production and sale of mass customized shoe products

Supplies diverse products from many established brands

Customized websites for retailing shoes

Mass supply of products manufactured by different manufacturers

Has highly motivated in-house employees focused on developing Zappos business

Has a highly motivated affiliate marketing team

Offers free 4-day delivery of products to the customers

Offers only premium product delivery to the clients

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