Pleaselist three goals you have for yourself right now

  1. Finish university education with a good grade

Myshort-term goal is to graduate from a university with a degree inFinance. I additionally comprehend that textbooks and universitycourses are an extraordinary wellspring of education however, I willlikewise put an additional effort in looking for valuable learningoutside of formal degrees. I have created great propensities throughthe years that incorporate reading Finance themed journals,monitoring emerging trends and contemplating other successful financeorganizations and experts.

  1. Get a good internship early and make key contacts

Myinternships are opportunities to get real experience and undertakegenuine obligations for the first time. As a young professionallooking for a finance vocation, I aim to take early internships with,for instance, nonprofits firms, marketing firms, and smallorganizations. Internships in different fields will provide for mewith assorted, real experiences that will make my curriculum vitaestandout. Moreover, internship programs offer valuable networkingopportunities. I will get to know people who have connections orinfluences inside the finance industry and encourage genuine businessrelations. I never underestimate a single contact`s power to open thedoor to an unforeseen opportunity and boost my career.

  1. Start my a company after I graduate and be successful

Aprofession in finance is not for the shy or timid. Therefore, I neverfear to dream. My long-term goal is to start up my own Financecompany and lead it to success. In the matter of starting a company,I have to work hard to become successful. To be successful at last, Iwill put in a profound enthusiasm to fuel my drive. It takes bothexpertise and passion for succeeding in this very competitive fieldof finance. I have a positive outlook and drive for a successfulfinance vocation.

Pleaselist three things that you are proud of having done

  1. Internship at a Chinese band in 2014

Iwas given the responsibility of bookkeeping and planning forlogistics for the band. Although there were challenges sincedifferent people wanted the band’s money to be spent, theinternship gave me a great experience on how to deal with people.

  1. Helped people donation during the 2008 sichuan earthquake

Ifelt excited to acknowledge this as my top achievement for a coupleof reasons. First, it made me discover how much I appreciate helpingpeople. Second, I witnessed the importance of insurance covers sinceaffected businesses took less time to recover.

  1. Planning for my friend’s wedding

Iwas assigned the task of ensuring that every penny was usedappropriately. I am proud of having made it a success and evencutting costs that were used to cater for an extra bacheloretteparty.

Abrief summary of my experiences

Itook accounting 201 and 202 economic 201 202 as a start to myvocation in finance. My involvement in the professional internshipenlightened me on what it takes to be a good financial bookkeeper andnurturing an organization. My needs are to further my training tofortify the future company`s fiscal oversights and responsibility,which will benefit the financial soundness of the organization andenhance its outlook.