Pleaselist three goals you have for yourself right now

  1. Get a good internship Supply chain management company and make critical connections

Internshipsare chances to get a true experience and undertake genuinecommitments for the first time. As a young expert searching for aSupply Chain Management vocation, I intend to seek internships tomeet other interns and share our different experiences. Internshipprojects offer valuable networking opportunities. I will get to knowinfluential people in the Supply Chain Management industry.

  1. Start my business and make it successful after my education

Thisis my long-term goal that makes me work hard every day. I am a personwho believes that the sky is the limit. I never fear to dream bigwhen I am setting my goals. My long-term goal is to start up my ownSupply Chain Management Company and lead it to success. In the wakeof starting a company, I will contribute to the economic growth andcreate job opportunities for others. To be successful at last, I willput in a profound enthusiasm to fuel my drive. It takes bothexpertise and passion for succeeding in this very competitive fieldof own Supply Chain Management. I have a positive outlook and drivefor a successful career in Supply Chain Management.

  1. Move to the United States of America for business exposure

Companieslook for workers who are comfortable in diverse societies they needthe individuals who can talk different dialects and comprehend thesubtleties of working outside their home areas. Indeed, numerousworldwide organizations have formal universal rotation projects tocome up with global leaders.

Thecoming decades will only favor those who are global natives who areopen to working in anyplace on the planet and who can work togetherwith individuals of distinctive cultures to create answers for theworld`s most pressing issues. Associations loaded with these globalnatives will survive and flourish. For me, as a person who wants tohave a global exposer, life will be wealthier and more satisfying.

Pleaselist three things that you are proud of having done

  1. I climbed a 6000 meter high mountain when I was six years old

Iwas always wanted to accomplish big things since when I was young. Tome, age was not a limiting factor for me to consider participating ina trip that involved climbing a 6000-meter high mountain. Thatevening however I was so tired but the joy of accomplishing such atask overwhelmed me. Additionally, many people who hear the story tothis day get impressed. That is why I never fail to count in as oneof my greatest accomplishments.

  1. I worked as a volunteer to help autistic children in China

Ihave a heart of helping people. When I read that there is an extremedeficiency of care for autistic children in China, I did not delay toconsider in joining one of the volunteer programs to help autisticchildren. There are only 20 specialists qualified to diagnose thecondition yet over 2 million estimated children suffer from thecondition. In the future, I will find out a method for contributingmore to this issue.

  1. I worked at my mother`s friend’s office

Iwas assigned the task of ensuring that the purchases of stocks ransmoothly. That is where I gathered the love for procurement leadingto my interest in Supply Chain Management career. I am proud ofhaving made it accomplished the tasks and responsibilities, and Ibelieve that upon completing my degree course I will have therequired skills to be a good Supply Chain officer.

Importanceof communication skills

Iunderstand that good communication skills are essential to asuccessful life, relationships and work. Without effectivecorrespondence, a message can be mistakenly understood, leading tomisunderstanding and disappointments. Having worked at my mother`sfriend’s office and as a volunteer, I realized that I have goodcommunication skills that help me fit in different organizationalstructures.

Irealized that the biggest problem that people have in communicationis failing to listen in order to understand. I noticed that peopletalk when the other correspondent person is talking, hence, leavingno chance for listening to understand the message. I then acquired ahabit of speaking when it was my turn while leaving the rest of themoment for listening actively. Active listening is different frompassive listening.

Inconclusion, I embraced active listening since it involves engaging inthe conversation by responding to what the other person is saying.This has improved my communication skills since I now understand allmessages in every conversation, and this has saved me from committingerrors or being frustrated due to misinterpreted messages.