The essential case study facts are the impact of new technologies onrapidly multiplied consumer opportunities to view movies. Newtechnologies and electronic products have made it possible for peopleto view movies more. Initially, home viewing was possible throughPC’s, DVD players, dvr’s or TV. One would access a movie DVD’sthrough retailers like wal-mart or rent from movie galleries. JoiningNetflix, or any subscription services to have the movie maileddirectly home or subscribing to cable movie channels like Starz, HBOand Showtime followed shortly. Streaming movies to the pc’s usingthe cable or satellite TV remote on a pay per view basis is a recenttechnology for movies. The strategic issue in this case is rapidlymultiplied opportunities to view movies resulting from theever-advancing technology (Thompson, 2008).

The strategic tools and analysis options on the multiplied consumeropportunities to view movies can be conducted through a SWOTanalysis. The strength of the multiplied opportunities for movies ismore demand for movie products. Its weaknesses are outgrowingelectronic products like the DVD player as new technology upgradesand takes over. The opportunities for movies are numerous as each newtechnology facilitates more video demand. The potential threats areadvanced technologies. My recommendations would be moving with newtechnology as a solution to meet consumer opportunities. Therecommendation will help if Netflix for example, upgrade theircompany to cable movie channels to meet the multiplying movieopportunities. This recommendation will increase the viewers throughpay per view basis and profit sales too. The analysis I conductedlead to this recommendation because now many movies are viewed viacables or satellite TV remotes.

The table below shows how technology has progressed to meet rapidlymultiplied movie consumer opportunities.


Big screens, films


PC, TV, Video game consoles

DVD (2008),DVD+Recorders,

DVD blu ray players/recorders

Personal media viewing library

DVD from downloaded/recorded files

Movie DVDs from retailers

Movie DVD’s from galleries or blockbusters

Join Netflix

Subscription services(HBO, Starz, Showtime)

Download from Apple itunes / websites


Stream to the PCs or TV using cable/satellites


Thompson, A. (2008). Movie case study, The university ofAlabama.