Gamescan be considered as tools that help individuals in attaining themuch desired social change in the society through entertaining means.As individuals play a game, they identify with the requirements ofthe game in order to end up as the winner (Salen &ampZimmerman,2006). Although they have been considered elements for achievingsocietal change, some video games may have a bad influence onindividuals and the society at large depending on the lessons that itteaches since it is possible to learn through a game. In thisassignment, I write a critique of EthnicCleansinggame.

Inthe EthnicCleansinggame, the protagonist has to run through a ghetto and has to engagein killing the Latinos and black people, prior to descending into achannel system in order to kill Jews. It is after killing the Jewsthat the protagonist reaches a Jewish control Center, where theformer Prime Minister of Israel issues the initiatives for worlddomination. In order to win the game, the player is required to killSharon (Bloxham,2005). This game shows extreme racism since it encourages the killingof people based on their skin color. For instance, the player has tokill Latinos and black people, and then Jews in order to reach thefinals. Besides, it also encourages killing in order to attainsuccess this can be construed by the requirements of the game, whereone has to kill Sharon in order to win the game. This game cannot beused as a tool for social change because it encourages individuals tovalue vices such as killing and racism in the society.

EthnicCleansingis not a “good” game. A “good” game can be defined as a gamethat can impact the society positively through its entertainingmeans, without encouraging bad conduct (Wolf,2012). Ethniccleansingdoes not fit in this category since it encourages individuals todevelop bad conduct such as racism and killing.

Gamescan be used for entertainment, but they also pose a challenge whenthey are used for other purposes. For example, games can be used forteaching individuals history. In such a scenario, a game would act asa teaching tool concerning what happened in the past. This may pose achallenge because some games may tend to focus on touching issuesthat can bring bad memories to the people playing the game or makethem have the desire of revenging whatever happened in the past(Wolf,2002). Another challenge posed by games that provide lessons for thepast is that they may cause hostility amid certain individuals oncethe past becomes open to them.

Thisgame does not have the potential of transforming the world in apositive way. One of the reasons is because the game indicates tribalor race lines in the society. This implies that individuals thatappreciate the game can be seeing the world in terms of tribal orrace lines such perceptions cannot be used in transforming the worldpositively. Besides, the game cannot transform the world positivelybecause it encourages killing as a way of attaining success this canhave a negative impact in the world.

Inthe future, I envision a world that will have constructive games thatwill have the potential of transforming the society in a positiveway. Such games will first go through a rigorous process before beingreleased for use by citizens. Future games will have the potential ofpromoting oneness rather than division in the society.


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