8Q2 3

Given what I have learned in this course, the aspects of doctoralpursuit that I find most intriguing is my ability to carry out aresearch preparation successfully. When I started pursuing mydoctorate, I was anxious to learn more about research at graduatelevel mainly because research encompasses many aspects of one’slife. At first, it was tasking for me learning how to use SPSS andother data formatting programs. However, after graduate levelpractice, I am comfortable using these programs and can readilyinterpret data coded using this method (Lawrence, 2014).

The most apprehensive aspects of pursuing a doctorate are learningwriting preparation. It is so easy to write my lectures, assignmentsand research papers since embarking on this doctoral journey.Pursuing a doctorate has facilitated consistent, clear and writingthat is free of grammatical errors. I proofread my work more oftenand ask my friends to go through the work as well just to be surethat the work is error free. Besides that, my skills for wordprocessing and using writing features have improved tremendously.Those skills help me use the citation manuals accurately limiting myerrors in citation. My competency in writing has significantlyimproved.

Completing this course has helped me find a purpose in life and myfuture career. With strength and much persistence, I have taken thejourney to accomplish my goal, I am certain that this is the best wayfor me to emerge as the best and well polished for the corporateworld. With my acquired knowledge, I am ready to face any uphill taskand open a new career chapter in my life.


Lawrence, T. (2014). Doctoral journey learner assessment