A Critique of Informative Speech

ACritique of Informative Speech

ACritique of Informative Speech

Theinformative speech was generally above board with most of the areastackled superbly. The introduction, body and conclusion wereexcellently done. The introduction was incredible as the attention ofthe audience was caught. The capturing of attention was through thedramatic statement made as well as the short description of the scopeof speech that invoked the audience emotions (Adler&amp Rodman, 2006). Additionally, the interest of the audience wasbuilt through simplicity of the speech. The topic was thoroughlypreviewed. Additionally, the body of the speech was well organizedwith the principles of informing well followed. The speech was wellpolished through use of smooth transitions and simple talk.Conclusion was superb as the audience was reminded of thesignificance of the topic under study. However, the question andanswer session was not well done as it was short and rushed over. Inorder to properly carry out the session, there is need to askaudience to write questions on note cards (Adler &amp Rodman, 2006).

CommunicationWeaknesses and Strengths

Thereare a number of communication strengths that I exhibit. Maintenanceof an eye contact during speech has helped in understanding thefacial expression of the audience (Grice &amp Skinner, 2004). Beingbilingual has ensured that I switch comfortably between twolanguages. Being organized has ensured that my deliverability issequential and logical. Often, there has been a proper connectionwith the audience which has led to great deliverability (Grice &ampSkinner, 2004). One major weakness is preserving time for questionand answer session. In aiding this, proper time allocation will bequite significant for me. Through this session criticisms bothpositive and negative are absorbed and taken in. Additionally,continuous delivering of informative speech will help in properlytackling the answer and question session. In regards toself-appraisal, I would give myself 90 points out of the possible100. This is mainly due to my diverse strengths and just a singleshortcoming when delivering an informative speech.


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