A Report on an Interview with Robin Brown a Senior Guidance Counselor in McGill Toolen Catholic High school Alabama.

A Report on an Interview with Robin Brown a Senior Guidance Counselorin McGill Toolen Catholic High school Alabama.

Ineach and every school setup, children are brought together toco-exist in an amiable manner. The children brought together in theseschools tend to possess different mannerisms. They, therefore, needto be molded in a way that accommodates each and every person theytend to interact with. The role of a student guide is, therefore,very vital in any school whereby students have different orientationsand different perceptions about the social, economic or theirreligious life. Talking to Robin Brown who is a student counselorhelps in gaining insight on the counseling profession.

Many are those who think that any school that hires a counselor hasbad students. Contrary to this disoriented belief, a counselor shouldbe an integral part of any serious organization that hopes to haveits students living together amicably. According to Brown, any systemthat does not employ the skills of a qualified counselor is doomed tofail. A proper analysis of the ordinary school counselor would,therefore, be one that focuses on Robin Brown. That will paint aclearer picture since she will be narrating what surrounds hereveryday life.

Thefirst question Robin answered was on how she provides careerinformation to the students. The counselor acts as the careerchampion in any institution. She is knowledgeable on matterspertaining to the job market. While the teachers concentrate onmaking the students endowed in skills, the counselors prepare thesame young minds for their career journey. A student who has receivedmentorship on issues of career choice is more likely to end up in ajob that offers them self-satisfaction as opposed to those withoutthis knowledge. That is according to Brown. According to her,statistics shows that students who underwent career counseling end updelivering in the job market since they were prepared.

Theguide provides career information at her place of work by the use ofvarious tools such as career workshops, career brochures andpamphlets and mentorship programs.

Thecareer workshops provide an avenue for the students to sit andreflect on their career choices. At the same time, they can listenfrom advice from Robin, who offers advice on matters of careercounseling. The career brochures are also provided to the students togo through at their pleasure. It makes sure that students have theknowledge on career counseling with them very soon. The mentorshipprograms organized makes sure the learners have a mentor to look upto. That makes them have the drive to attain career satisfaction.

RobinBrown also employs the use of group career counseling to be able tooffer the counseling services to the pupils. It involves identifyingindividuals with similar capabilities or problems and putting themtogether. They are then handled differently according to theirdifferent needs. That in itself gives them a sense of satisfactionknowing their needs are of importance to the school. Their careerneeds handling, is as a group problem and solutions provided as such.

RobinBrown is also charged with the responsibility of assessingemployability skills. She has to know what skills the students haveto possess in the competitive market. She then delivers thisinformation to the parties and offers advice on how to acquire suchskills. The use of technology is also at the core of her work sincesome resources are delivered to the student fraternity by the use oftechnology conversant means. That is through the use of internet,online presentations and use of audio-visual resources. Robin brownhas been successful in her career and her field by combining all thisstyles of counseling.