A Summary of the Book Nesser Speaks, Basic Document

ASummary of the Book Nesser Speaks, Basic Document

Inhis 1972 publication, “NesserSpeaks, Basic Document”,Nasser focuses on Egypt’s economic and social structure. This paperis a summary of his views on both social and economic structures inEgypt.

ArabNations and especially Egypt, according to Nasser (112), can now makestrong decisions for themselves on matters concerning land, factoriesand the enormous energy plants in an effort to increase theirproduction, rather than wait for foreign capitals do it for them. Henotes that the Egyptians for example, have come up with long lastingsolutions for productivity. They have calculated the amount of forcerequired to face underdevelopment and speed towards progress and aredetermined to raise their national income to double at least every 10years. This, according to the author, provides a real opportunity forraising standards of living in spite of an overpopulation problemexperienced in Egypt (Nasser 117).

Inorder to achieve this goal, they have to put efforts in agriculturalfields, industries and all the main lines of production necessary fordevelopment. Agricultural land for instance is not rationalized. MostArab countries, according to Nasser (123), believe that byindividuals owning land, they are able to utilize it to its fullpotential due to a long history of farming experience.

Theauthor has suggested that by motivating workers in every part ofEgypt ignites the potential of radical, economic and social change.Labor unions exercising their leading responsibility through seriouscontribution like to offer housing, organizing leisure and holidayare some of ways of motivating workers to achieve effectiveproduction (Nasser, 141)

Inconclusion, the author in his book has shed light on some factorsEgypt needs to consider in order to achieve some level of productionsuccess. Providing agricultural laborers with adequate workingenvironment is the most effective way.


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