ADC Marketing Plan

ADCMarketing Plan


ADCmarketing plan


The branding strategy will look at informing our customers to expectthe best online services that are available now. The ADC brand willbe synonymous with online marketing, ensuring that the customersthink of the company’s website first whenever they think of makingonline purchases. The marketing team shall create a consistent imagethroughout the internet, whether on social media or otherentertainment platforms. The company shall also protect the brandonline by collaborating with anti-counterfeit agencies, which willwork to protect the company from cyber-criminals.


The company shall set its prices to be slightly lower than those ofthe major competitors shall. There will also be special discountsfor selected customers, who will be selected based on the number ofitems they purchase per a given time period. Based on copyrightagreements with artists, their records will be sold on discountedprices to their fans. There will also be special agreements withclothing companies to decide on how they plan to grow their customerbase based on bulk selling through the website.


In China, the company will have a main distribution center at theheadquarters. This will be an 80,000 square foot facility, which willbe headed by a branch manager. This is prior to building other supplycenter to serve the large population. There will also be a logisticsplan to serve delivery purposes.


The company’s main intra-competitors are Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.One of amazon’s major strengths is that it is a leader ine-commerce. It also has a strong research and development team, whichenables it to have enough market information to make informedmarketing strategies. Its workforce is also one of the most skilledin the industry, and it has a very large customer base, comprising ofover 30 million online marketers. The company has also investedheavily in communications and logistics. Its main weaknesses are thatit has been facing a decline in the sales volume, and many customershave criticized its delivery. It also has no physical presence andits brand image is weak. Technologically, the company has beenexperiencing poor system maintenance. It also records low profits andlow cash flows, weak performance in China and outsourcing issues.

The next bigcompetitor is eBay. The company’s biggest strength is that it hasthe world’s largest internet market place (Richards, 2006). It alsohas an effective business model and has invested heavily on logistics(it recently built customized drones for goods delivery). Theeconomies of scale also favor the company. Customers also like thecompany’s payment methods, and it has a very strong brandreputation. The major weaknesses are that it charges high fees forits goods and delivery, and it has no further growth strategy.

In China, thebiggest competitor is Alibaba. The biggest advantage that the companyhas is that it is the most recognized online seller In China, and ithas connections with many suppliers across the country. The company’sincome level is also very strong, and it has the most skilledworkforce in China. It also has a number of weaknesses. For instance,it has small business units and it has not invested in research anddevelopment. It also has a possibility of high loan rates, andoperational costs do not favor it.

Differentiationstrategy in relations to strongest competitor

The company’s closest competitor is Amazon, given that itsmarketing strategy is similar to that of ADC. The company looks toventure into the Chinese market. ADC’s fulfillment network strategywill not necessarily reflect an optimized distribution network inChina. For the next 3 years or so, the company will determine theoperations based on state tax considerations and other relevante-commerce regulations. Given that the company sells most of itsmerchandise through fulfillment centers, which cannot technically beclassified as retail stores, it will not charge sale tax to theconsumers. This will help it to create a different brand image andprotect it against non-friendly state taxation regulations. Insteadof investing capital on new facilities in china, ADC will look tocollaborate with already established logistics companies to provideextra storage spaces. In the new Chinese markets, the main competitormay not move fast to make instant deliveries, however, ADC will lookto invest in making same-day deliveries, so as to attract customers.

Level of impactof the macro environmental issues

As Cateora, Gilly, &amp Graham (2013) assert that a company shouldmake code of conduct to protect against corrupt deals in regards topolitical factors. Accordingly, given the American and Chinesegovernments’ intend to have a policy regulating the price of theinternet the company will have to make partnership deals with majorISPs to manage the enormous users that will be expected to use thewebsite. The social trends in online networking will also influencethe company’s online presence. The marketing department willallocate funds fdedicated to improving the company’s onlinepresence, besides collaborating with online content developers toimprove the marketing process. Recently, there have been increasedefforts from global companies regarding environmental protection andawareness. This, as discussed earlier, affects customer’spurchasing trends. ADC will therefore invest more on online dealsthan physical stores.

The Chinesegovernment’s move not to prohibit online legal business will meanthat the company’s sales in the country will be favored. However,there will be need to have a legal policy regarding onlinetransactions, especially fraud and corruption. These are the two mostdangerous legal matters that pertain to the online merchandisingmarket. Additionally, lack of online purchasing regulations may favorpiracy, which mostly affects music artists. The company will alsokeenly inspect all media that is sold online and ensure that allcopyright issues are adhered to. Lastly, the technologicalenvironment will mean that the company will collaborate with leadingIT firms, such as Microsoft, to manage sales and data.

Marketingresearch tool

The first marketing research tool that was used in marketstrategizing for the company is competitor linking. This is a toolthat helps in checking out the competitor’s prices, offers andmarketing. This tool has been described as a great way to link to thecompetitor’s websites to gain critical information that isconsidered in strategizing (Sweney, 2006 Cateora et al, 2013). Thesecond tool was online surveys. This tool helps is important ingauging public opinion about the company and its services. Despitethe fact that it is not a scientific tool for random sampling of thepopulation, it is cost effective is an open-source tool offered by anumber of websites. Finally, consumer satisfaction research, which isalmost similar to surveys, was used, albeit with the aim ofidentifying any areas that the customers were not satisfied in.


The first strategy will be banner advertising. The primary idea willbe to get stream of web traffic flowing into the website. The companywill intensively advertise on major websites, such as Forbes and TimeMagazine. The company will also use web analytics for its majormarketing efforts, to track the website performance and understandthe visitor’s online behavior. Below is the timetable for thecompletion of the strategy.


Timeframe (extensions)

Intensive advertisement on major websites

2 years (+/- 6 months)

Web analytics

5 years for U.S, 8 years for China (+/- 12 months)


30% Market share









Infrastructure (hardware &amp outlets)



Logistics (drones)






Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

2 social mediatools

Two main social media tools will be used to develop the company’smarketing plan. These are Facebook and YouTube. Facebook is thesingle largest social networking platform in the world, with hundredsof millions of active subscribers worldwide (Kelly &amp Rossotto,2012). The company shall use this platform to advertise, promote andsell the product. The primary target, the youths and young adults,are the most represented demographic on this platform. The companyshall also use YouTube to advertise the phone. YouTube is the leadingvideo streaming media tool worldwide, with hundreds of millions ofusers every day. YouTube has a special advertisement application,which allows marketers to advertise their products before videosbegin streaming. Similarly, the target market uses YouTube regularly.

Performancestandards, monitory methods and financial controls

Performance standards

Monitory methods

Financial controls

  1. Customer support services

  2. Technical support services

  1. Social media

  2. Backlink profiling

  1. State taxations

  2. Records reconciling


  1. Performance standards – for all online selling businesses, there is need to have well-structured support services, given the technicality of the transactions.

  2. Monitoring methods-Using social media to monitor the company’s popularity amongst users and backlink profiling to monitor IP addresses of any fraudulent transactions.

  3. Financial controls- state taxation will guide the company in pricing while record reconciling will help the in balancing the accounting books for various regions and foretelling future economic trends.

5 year expansionplan

In the next two years, the company expects to have a market controlshare of at least 30% in China. Over the same period of time, atleast 2 warehouses will be constructed in China, with a number ofother small outlets. There will be investment in logistics to developand put into use drone-delivery system in the next four years. Thecompany will look to diversify to electronics and groceries by theend of the 5 year expansion period.

Integratedmarketing communication

The company shall use social media as one of the integrated marketingcommunication for implementing the marketing plan. In the past,online businesses were more in control of their brand communications(Bidgoli, 2010). In the modern day business environment, brandcommunications have become multi-directional the role of consumersin supporting the company brand image has been increasedsignificantly. The company will use this to its advantage inmarketing and reaching out to new customers, hence expanding thecustomer base. The company will also use interactive-searchmarketing, to help the customers with buying products and services.The conventional searching is a one person affair, and some customersmay find it hard to locate the items they need. The company willinstead deploy staff that will help the customers in searching forthe products and services they need, by suggesting key searchelements and exploring the databases to give suggestions.


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