Adolescent Issues A Discussion


AdolescentIssues: A Discussion

Discussionon Adolescent Issues

Girlsare at a greater risk for depression because they are more prone toworrying and loss of self esteem than the boys. They are more pronebecause of the biological changes that take place in their bodiessuch as hormonal developments. On the other hand, adolescent boys arelikely to commit suicide because they do not talk about theirproblems and issues. Boys and men alike do not talk about theirissues because of believing that they should solve their problems tomaintain independence.

Zekeis likely to become a long-term offender. The reason for thelikelihood is because of the time he has spent with the wrong crowd.As a result of the time he spent learning from the wrong people, hedeveloped habits that led to the wrong way of behaving. Consequently,he has taken a character of an offender, which is evident from hisarrest for property damage at the age of 16.

Adolescentpregnancy and substance abuse have the factor of peer influence incommon with suicide and delinquency. Most teenagers who engage inboth activities enter into self denial as a result losing theinfluence of friends. The second factor in common is depression. Mostof pregnant teenagers and those who abuse drugs enter into depressionwhen they realize the consequences of their actions.

Duringadolescent, my friends engaged in some lawbreaking actions. Thisoccurs at the ages between 14 years and 17 years. During myadolescent period, I was always enthusiastic and excited over mycolleague`s opinion on everything I did. In most cases, I engagedwith the group of colleagues at school, just to get their approval ofmy ideas and opinion. As a result, I felt motivated by their positiveapproval, and equally disappointed by their negative disapproval.