Advertising Media and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)


AdvertisingMedia and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)



Advertisingmedia are ways through which new products are communicated to thegeneral public by use of images, speech or messages. There aredifferent types of advertising media available for the new productlaunch. They have unique features and their influence on customersvaries. Some of these media include television, radio and press amongothers (Stafford &amp Faber 2011).

Thefirst advertising media type is the television. This is the mostexpensive means of advertising and commonly used by majoradvertisers. It has a wider coverage and reaches most of the familieswho can afford it. Most of the advertisers use television because ithas a greater impact particularly on instances where the product orservice requires demonstration (Stafford &amp Faber 2011). Ascompared to other advertising mediums, television uses both virtuesof a demonstrator as well as a narrator.

Theother media available for new product launch is the radio. In therecent years, the medium has increased drastically. The coverage iswider as compared to television and targets specific people atdifferent times (Stafford &amp Faber 2011). Advertising messagesreach the audience faster as people listen to the radio while stuckin traffic, evening and late at night. In addition, it is availableto remote areas, and it is cost effective as compared to television.One of the disadvantages of radio as an advertising media is thatthey lack visual element thus limiting the message.

Thesuggestions for a marketing intern that will help create anadvertising budget is know the market. The audience should be welldefined, and the goals set. Create awareness and measure theprogress. The other important suggestion is to set a budget, planaccordingly and brand the product before launching (Stafford &ampFaber 2011). An example of an advertising message in a food storeSpecial prices and Savings! Become a royal customer and get specialoffers directly to your mobile phones. Send a message Fstore to 5464and enjoy up to 20% discount! Standard rates applicable

Oneof the fundamental manners to measure the effectiveness ofadvertising message is through performance. It entails tracking theadvertisements and ensuring they run as expected. Return onInvestment is also an important technique. It shows the growth insales due to advertising (Stafford &amp Faber 2011). Companies thatadvertise on numerous media improve on their sales.


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