Ahmed Khalawi



12thNovember 2014


Ethicsis an important part in all the spheres of life. As indicated byVelasquez (1),ethics is a concept that pertain various aspects of life such astruth, honour, respect and moral code, and ought to be innate inevery person. In a working environment, all concerned parties shouldfollow rules and policies set by the company, pertaining the rightsof the employer and employees in order to promote a common goal. Therefore, anything which contradicts this aspect amounts tounethical behaviours, as witnessed prior and during the votingprocess at Volkswagen based in Tennessee.

Byvoting to join a union, it is clear that, Volkswagen employees havethe need to attain certain results, which will ensure the success ofthe company both in the short and the long run. Unethical conductfrom the side of the officials and plant managers is clearly presentas workers continue to refuse to vote or even change their minds. Theproposed tax cuts as well as threats of non-expansion of the firmleads to improper presentation, and the high ranking officials in thecompany may not be able to influence this issue.

Thereare three notable routes which can be adopted by the management atVolkswagen.The first one is to appeal to the National Labor Relations Board, toenable them start the formation of a workers/management council. Thiswill ensure that, even in the absence of union representatives, theworkers will receive some form of support as well as their needsrecognized (Woodall1).

Thesecond option is to lobby for the politicians not to interfere withthe activities of the company. For instance, the governor should notto sign punitive legislations as well as the Tennessee’s senatornot to interfere with any employee and employer relationship inVolkswagen.There is also the need to organise for another election in the comingyear, in order to indicate how their opinions have changed. This isalso important due to the fact that, through the election, it will beclear on whether there is the need of a union, which will on theother hand prove unethical conduct at the time of the first votingand election process.

Third,the organisation can make it clear to the state legislators such asthe mayor, governor and the senator that, in case of any interferencein the upcoming election, the company will relocate its plant toother states within the US. This will be in areas which are lesshostile within the next five years. This way, the law makers andother decision makers will become aware of the consequences whichwill arise out of their unethical and illegitimate mentions (Woodall1).

Fromthe above, the best recommendable option is for the company toprepare for another election. This is due to the fact that, thoughthe worker/ management council is still a healthy idea, it fails toattain the same status as a union as their interests and policieswill effectively be safeguarded. Through relocation, not allemployees will be able to move to other states, thus compromising thepolicy of promoting equal and fair working environment. However, theaspect of relocation may be adopted in case future elections fail tobear fruits. In conclusion, there is the urgent need for themanagement and workers to find a common ground, as this will promotethe sustainability of the business both in the short and thelong-run.


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