Ahmed Khalawi



11Andover Dr

September4, 2014

JonZonderman218 Mandeville Hall

DearProfessor Zonderman

Iam honored to have a chance to be enrolled in English 202 class. Myname is from Saudi Arabia. I was born on 30thDecember in 1990. Since I was young, I have understood that educationis a very valuable and important thing in an individual’s life. Mydream was to become a pilot but my father who is a businessman hasinstilled in me a love of understanding and learning numbers. Becauseof this exposure to working with numbers, I have come to realize thatI am good in numbers and love to work in any environment where everyoperation is associated with numerals.

Becauseof my family’s love and support over the years, I have gained anability to devote my energy and time to academic achievement. When Iwas seventeen years old, my brother assisted me to find a summer jobat his workplace and from that job, I was able to get an idea of whatfinance entails. In addition to focusing on my studies, I have gainedexperience from various companies. After I graduated from Althagherhigh school, I secured a job as a salesman in a diesel company inSaudi Arabia and worked there for six months. Also, I worked for Redbull for half a year as an event planner with the aim of developingmy skills. Later, I won a scholarship from the U.S. government, whereI am studying now.

Throughoutmy studies and experiences, I have come to realize that English is avery important dialect in preparation for my future career as abusinessman or financial manager. In today’s world, English hasbecome the general language in almost all types of trade includingthe international ones. Moreover, English is a requirement for me tograduate.

Igreatly appreciate having this opportunity to learn English 202.Notonly will this opportunity improve my ability to becoming the best inmy career field, but also it will help me in achieving my dreams.