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November17, 2014

HomelessPeople in United States.

Whileall people require the basic needs, shelter, food and clothing, tolive comfortably, a good number have no access to them. The richpeople eat fresh food, sleep in their expensive houses, and buyfashionable clothing. Also, middle class have an access to basicneeds. However, there is a group of homeless people who cannot affordthese basic needs. According to Mago(2), “homelessness is a complex social problem with a variety ofunderlying economic and social factors such as poverty, lack ofaffordable housing, uncertain physical and mental health, addictions,and community and family breakdown”.

Itis correct to say that in the modern society, some animals live inbetter shelters than homeless individuals. When animals live in thestreet, people are concern and heartbroken. In contrast, no one caresabout the homeless on the street. For example, in the United Statescities, there are more homeless persons compared to animals living onthe streets. In my experience, I have been living in Bozeman for twoyears. Every single day, I see homeless people but I have only seenone or two homeless animals. Homeless people portray a bad image ofany beautiful city like New York City. There is an urgent need forall stakeholders, individuals, cities administrations,nongovernmental organizations, charitable organizations and thegovernment to find a solution to the increasing cases of homelessnessin the modern society.

Basically,the homeless people need to be empowered to help themselves evenbefore someone helps them. Many families are living in the streetsbecause they do not have a source of income. They should beencouraged to take any job offered to them despite the low pay to atleast earn money which can cater for their basic needs. Some richpeople were homeless initially but they worked hard and today theyare very rich. A good example is Jim Carrey and Jewel. Homelesspeople who move on with life and work hard will become successful. However, as Bill O`Reilly (1) says, “The homeless will not supportthemselves because they want to get drunk and become high, or they`rejust too lazy”. Although this is not the case for all homelessindividuals, a good number of them are lazy and overindulge inillegal drugs.

Accordingto Zufferey(243), “There are many assumptions about homeless people. Perhapsthe most common is that they are too lazy to work. Having been theremyself and having worked with many others in the same situation, Ihave to say that for the vast majority the assumption that they areall lazy is dead wrong”. This means that given a chance, they can help themselves, walk outof poverty and homelessness. Therefore, the general assumption thatthe poor and the homeless in the society are just lazy is not true.If most of them are offered employment opportunities, they can beable to afford shelter and other basic needs.

Secondly,the government should also do something to help the homeless in thesociety. Governmentcan increase the taxes for rich people until we get over thehomelessness problems. Also, government can build a lot of housesfor homeless people. There is a lot of idle public land that thegovernment can build houses for homeless people. However, some peopleare opposed to this proposal for economic reasons. Moreover,governmentcan introduce new rule for every commercial real estate shops thateveryone has ID card as provethatthey are homeless. The commercial real estate shops will then offer50% off on the price to the homeless people at the expense of thegovernment.

Accordingto Anderson(2),since 1980 the federal government has been spending a lot of money onhomeless people but every year, homelessness is becoming a biggerproblem in the United States. The government tries to help homelesspeople, but other people are opposed to the program arguing that thehomeless should work and help themselves. Those opposed to governmentassistance to the homeless argue that the money should be channeledtowards economic development for the benefit of all citizens, forexample in building roads, hospitals and in public service. On theother hand, some people argue that the government has a basic role toplay in ending homelessness in the society. This is becausehomelessness is evolving into an important social problem in themodern societies.

Richpeople and the general public can also help homeless people. First,the rich people should help homeless people because one day maybethey will be homeless people and require assistance like otherhomeless people. Moreover, rich people need to contribute tocharities which provide help to homeless people. The rich people havethe ability to kill two birds with one stone such as provide jobs forhomeless people in their companies and get the benefits from theirwork. They should put a little percent of their income for homelessfamilies, especially those linked to people working in theircompanies. There are many rich people who became homelessness such asLoisLane and Sugar Ray.

However,in spite of having a lot of wealth, there are many rich people who donot like helping the homeless people. Accordingto Barlett(35), “Therichest people in United State do not pay tax for homeless people”.To force such rich people to help the homeless, the general publiccan participate in a campaign that encourages the rich people to helpthe homeless by saying “We will buy your products if you employhomeless people”. Moreover, we can do website that show the richpeople what homeless people need. Some rich people will say we do nothave enough time to look for your website. We will say, we just needten minute of your time to help homeless people.

Inconclusion, there are many ways of helping the poor so as to get overthis huge problem in the United State. The homeless people,government, and rich people should work together to get ease theproblem. We do not want to see any more homeless people sleep instreets or being rained on simply because they lack shelter. We arein the year 2014 and we should care for each other, the old peopleshould care for the young people, the rich people should care for thepoor people, and the strong people should care for the weak people.We should live without pride, spite, and even discrimination.


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