Application Essay


Expectations,Goals, Hobbies and Special Interests

Myexpectations and goals upon joining the FIDM are informed by mypassion for fashion and design. My main goal in seeking to join thisinstitution is to get a platform for launching an incredible careeropportunity in fashion design and merchandising. I expect to gainskills and knowledge that would allow me to tap into my creativetalents so as to become a force to reckon with in the fashionindustry. I have been particularly interested in nature walks,fashion week competition, fashion district tours and even conteststhat would sharpen my creativity in the art.

Reasonsfor choosing FIDM

Thereare varied reasons as to why I selected Fashion Institute of Designand Merchandising. Indeed, FIDM comes off as an excellent academicinstitution that not only imbues in students real world knowledge butalso allows for enhanced creativity and entrepreneurship. Thisinstitution also offers unmatched curriculum that has the capacity togive students the opportunity to learn every other element pertainingto the fashion and design industry, while also allowing them to beextremely active in the varied organizations in the school, as wellas the working or collaborating with the surrounding communities. Ofparticular note is the fact that students would have the capacity toexperience a long-term relationship extending beyond their graduationparticularly considering that the students would essentially bejoining an alumni base composed of over 40,000 individuals. On thesame note, the institution makes use of the latest state-of-the artsoftware and technologies that would allow an individual to fit wellin the current modern world of fashion and design.

WhyMerchandise Product Development Thereare varied things that are appealing in taking merchandise productdevelopment&nbspas my major. It is noteworthy that the course wouldimbue in me the skills that are necessary for the ultimate success inthe fashion industry including the analysis and forecasting oftrends, as well as the techniques that I could use to develop myideas in fashion industry. In addition, the course would provideknowledge pertaining to the marketing of innovative and new apparel,as well as accessory products. It is noteworthy that the productwould teach me skills pertaining to the creation of unique apparellines, application of garment construction principles, planning forfinancial success, development of the specifications pertaining tothe manner in which garments are made, the use of current technologyin the industry, as well as the choice of the right trim and fabric.

Goalsand Aspirations Upon Graduation from FIDM

Mygoals and aspirations flow right from the skills and knowledge that Iam bound to gain from the institution. It is noteworthy that theinstitution offers an opportunity to innovative students todemonstrate or showcase their talents through showing their strongcomprehension aesthetics, as well as the capacity to stretch theircreative limits. In essence, I am particularly concerned about havingthe capacity to start my own product line that will produceinnovative products that will safeguard the business’scompetitiveness in the short-term and the long-term. On the samenote, I wish to produce fashion items that will gain acceptance froma wide range of consumers in the market. This can only be achievedthrough the skills and knowledge pertaining to reading andinterpreting market trends, as well as taking advantage of them forthe enhancement of the apparel industry. Indeed, the institutionwould allow me to get to the global market as a considerablyhighly-trained graduate or professional who can make a contributionto the market.