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ArgumentSynthesis: Robotics


Behaviorsof the future robotics can be utilitarian, just like a lamp thatbends and follows the items repositioned on the desk, or even providefeedback. The robots do not require any pressing of the button tohave things happen. Rather, there are used unobtrusively respondingto verbalcommands, careless or even waves. A robotic can easily offer guidancewhile cooking and offer helpful tips like knife skills. Many productswill be placed on internet to help in accessing the world events.Raincoats can just whistle when needed, webcams for videoconferencing can just raise their heads to show when ready forconversation and mimic the body movements during chats to help inexpressing some ideas. A medicine bottle can just open its lid tooffer a precise dose and even call the pharmacists automatically whenthe bottle is empty (Carla, 2013). These and many others are thebenefits of robotics. While some people are opposed to robotics, Ipersonally believe that robotics are crucial and an importantdevelopment for changing our society.

Asmall but quickly changing number of people across the globe areusing robots. The technology is still relatively expensive, andsometimes imperfect. Nevertheless, such technologies have blown manypeople who previously considered it impossible. The robotictechnology has evolved doubtlessly. The major problem is that thetechnology is very expensive, meaning that the related projects willalso be considerably expensive. However, new advances anddevelopments in robotics are being developed, and hopefully, new,advanced and affordable systems will emerge (Robbie, 2013).

Manystudies have been conducted to demonstrate the importance of robotsin our society. Robots necessitate accomplishment of various tasksthat require a high degree of precision and repetition where humanworkers get bored of doing the same thing time and again. This savespeople from fatigue and enhances accuracy of the tasks performed, aswell as enhancing increased accuracy. What is outstanding aboutrobots is the fact that they can easily be used in tasks thatdangerous and where human worker can easily damage the product or beaffected. For instance, in factory manufacturing, robots can be usedto handle chemicals, foods and other tasks that a human being cannothandle, or when handled, high level of inaccuracies result.Nevertheless, many people are against robots as they argue thatrobots will displace them, hence no pay. This implies that roboticsis a science topic that will be very crucial in future (Sharkey,2008).

Generally,robots can be very instrumental in human life. This provides ahigh-level automation that can perform tasks ascribed to human beingsand operate with human intelligence. Robot does the tasks that can beperformed by a human being. The arguments of functions of robotsreveal two opposing perspectives of having robots. However, fordisabled, robotics is an excellent opportunity though other peoplemay consider it ineffective due to breakdowns, high prices anddisplacement of jobs (Turkle, 2013).

Thefact remains that robots are a good development as they play a majorrole in improving our lives. Robots can work in environments that ahuman being cannot, for instance if high radioactive zones and makingof surgery suffice. Also, robots can be used in manufacturingfactories to enhance production. This is because it is easier toconfigure them and set up the necessary controls. This results toincreased and consistent production since robots never get tired.Normally, robots are an excelled development especially in enhancingthe accessibility to the area that is inaccessible like undergroundbuildings, space and underwater (Carla, 2013).

Withthe current advancement in technology, there is a high probabilitythat robotics will be even much more effective. It is anticipatedthat robotics will be a good investment for disabled people. Somespecially designed robots can help persons with disabilities. Forinstance, it is easier to use a robot to help a person with fracturedor very weak legs to walk than for human beings. This means thatpeople can practice walking until they get back to normal, or getused to. This is an amazing benefit brought about by robots. Thismeans that disabled people will not need maids to help them up sincethe robots can help them (Sharkey, 2008).

Somepeople hold on to the argument that robots are extremely expensiveand paying them is not affordable. Also, there are those who believethat robots are just machines and can easily break down, henceopposed to buying them as they will break afterward. Furthermore, itis realistic that people are in dire need for employment, and it istrue that in the future, robots will take jobs from people and leadto displacement. I do not object this their reasons are justifiableto some extent. The industrial automated robots dramatically improvethe quality of the product and enhance accuracy and precision forrepetitive tasks. This consistency level is hard to achieve in caseof human beings (Robbie, 2013).

Byuse of robots, the throughput speed is normally very high, and thisdirectly affects the production. Also, robots enhance workplacesafety where workers need not perform tasks in dangerousenvironments. Consequently, as much as some people may be opposed torobots, the overall savings can be easily realized. All safety leadstranslates into financial savings (Carla, 2013).

However,simple logic has that paying an employee on either monthly or dailybasis is very expensive compared to the just make one initialinvestment for a robot and enjoy for a lifetime. While it is truethat robots might breakdown, be sure that this will be very rare, andthe major breakdowns result due to lack of technical know-how onoperational procedures. This calls for thorough training on how tooperate the robot (Robbie, 2013). Another thing is that if some hasqualifications, then creating a job is not a problem. If truly onehas the knowledge and is sincerely genuine, then fear of robotsreplacing jobs might not add up. The major people who will beaffected are those who hate reading and refused to study (Turkle,2013).

Robotsrepresent a great technological product that affects human lives. Thetechnology is vital and can be specifically designed for manyassignments based on the nature of the task to be accomplished.People normally argue on whether we should retain the roboticdevelopment technology or not. Personally, I believe that robots aredesigned to help us since they can do tasks that a human being cannotdo or are extremely difficult. There is also a proposition to be usedby disabled people, and this has the potential of turning aroundhuman life in future (Robbie 2013).

Inconclusion, our future is bright. Therefore, development of roboticsis helpful in our society. In today`s world, businesses and peopleare chasing after profits. This does not imply that people will besedentary. Robotics is among the major discoveries in science that isbeing developed by the world, and it is anticipated that people willget immeasurable support from the development. People will not losejobs, but simply, robot will facilitate ease in performance of thetasks. The world is changing, and this requires people in the worldto have better technology to keep pace with the changing world.Therefore, robotics development is the way to go.


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