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Argumentativeessay on robots

Theword robot originated from the word “robota” which means hardwork. Scientifically, a robot is a significant product of technologythat can effectively play the role of human being. Other peopledefine it as an automatic device or apparatus that carry outfunctions credited by human beings. It operates and works with thesame intelligence such as human being. Nowadays, robots and theirautomation are enhancing remarkably. According to Guptaand Arora (2009),robots and their automation are useful and harmful for humanity.People have different arguments over the function and reliability ofrobots. Some want the world to adopt the usage of robots while othersdo not. Some urge that robots should stay because they also operateas human being and they can be of great help to people living withdisability. On the other hand, other people urge that robots areexpensive, breakable, and do job replacement. Even though scientistsclaims that robots will damage humanity in the coming years, theywill also offer them great benefits such as peaceful life, improvelife, time, the needs to people’s strength, brain, and health.

Peopleshould adopt robot usage because they improve life. They can performmost dangerous tasks that human things cannot do. For instance, theycan penetrate through radioactive zones that a human being cannot do.Robots cameras also penetrate to places where human being cannot gohence, used to trap something in the building or underground.Additionally, robots are important devices in medical surgery. Infactories, people use them to make other things such as cars.However, people uncommonly use robots at home expect the small oneslike the Roomba and robotic vacuum. Maggie, in the article “HowRobots Can Trick You into Loving Them,” thinks her Roomba is cuteand industrious (Koerth-baker,2013).Although it makes noise while cleaning, Maggie feels like it iscommunicating to her. Maggie has even gone ahead and assigned it amale gender. Roomba does not occupy a big space because once it isnot in use Maggie stores it back to its closet until she requires itfor another service. Besides, robot technology is of great help tothe disabled people. For instance, there are special robots that helpdisabled people to walk again. Therefore, disabled people do not needto worry anymore since they can perform their daily duties with thehelp of robots.

Onthe other hand, people claims that the technology of robot andautomation is of great help to the rich countries. They believe thatif they are effectively used, they can provide peace. According toLauniusand McCurdy (2002),rich countries compete for superpower, and as a result, they startfighting one another. In this case, the countries make use of robotsand automation since they have advanced technology. Instead of usingmoney that is harmful contraption for human, they use this innocenttechnology. Additionally, robots are not only for strikes, but alsodefend a country. Rich countries used robotics to prevent it frominternal and external threats. Similarly, they use robots andautomation to prevent other countries from occupying their countriesor crossing their bounders. Furthermore, they are also applicable inproviding order inside a country. The military department also usedrobots to save lives. In case of war, the military chooses therobots, such as Robosimian, to fight rather than real human being. Indoing so, they save many lives. Robosimian is a robot designed byNASA engineers to respond to disaster (Koerth-baker,2013).Unlike Roomba, Robosimian has a human-looking appearance though it isless cute. Robosimian has the capability to manoeuvre through narrowcorridors and rescue human being from danger. In essence, Robosimianis not just a tool, but also a colleague. To some extent, the robothas the ability to distinguish different object. For instance, it candistinguish trees and rocks, or human being such as a thief oranother person. Therefore, robots have artificial cognitive empathy,the ability to distinguish human beings and objects. There also otherspecial robots that have ability to predict what a person is thinkingby just observing their behaviours.

Inthe article, “He, She, and It,” Sherry Turkle Yod defines a robotas a machine. Nevertheless, he does connect similarities between itand human nature due to the fictional nature. Human being is moresuperior to the robot because the nursing robots cannot stimulateaffection. From this article, there is no clear relationship betweenYod, the robot and Shira, the human being. Finally, Turkle opposesmachine because it does not simulate emotion. Nevertheless, as Turkledescribes in the nove, Yod can surpass this limitation and feel someemotion. Turkle goes ahead and compares Avram and Yod. She urges thatthe relationship between the two does not make Avram any less human.Yod is not like any other machine that one can control. Actually, itsometime disagrees with Avram and rebels. Turkle urges that therelationship between robot and internet is detrimental that allowshuman beings to substitute fake reality and artificial reality (He,She and It, n.d). Turkle also give more examples of people who thinktheir robot pets are better than real live pets. For instance, onecharacter says that he enjoys having fun with his robot dog more thanactual dog. In this case, some people fail to differentiate betweenthe real thing and the virtual, as well as actual and simulated.However, people should appreciate both the human beings and robots.Actually, there is no clear evidence that real virtual refers to theold-fashioned prejudice.

Accordingto the article, “How Robots Can Trick You into loving them,”Maggie urges that the robot behaviour have an impact on relationshipbetween robot and human. Further, she suggests it is possible for ahuman being to build relationship with a robot. In some cases, humanbelieve that robot also have emotions, and takes assumption on whatthey see and think (Koerth-baker,2013).Whenever they see the robot behaving like a human being, they assumeit is more than a machine. On the contrary, robots do not havecognitive empathy that makes it different from human beings. They useartificial intelligence and have no capability to understand humanfeeling. One researcher from this article reasons that a society isdepends on this idea. Even though robots behave like human, they donot need to be hundred percent like human. The article alsoelaborates how factories use robots to make work more efficient,effective, and profitability than employees. Besides, robots haveseveral advantages they never sick, they do not make mistake, andimprove employee’s morale.

Althoughthe people believe robots and automation has increased rates ofunemployment, in requires people’s brain and strength for it workeffectively. In addition, bosses prefer robots to human beingsbecause they work faster hence save time and money. Despite the factthat robots also work effectively, human intelligence remains thebest among all technologies. Actually, people are the creator ofthese robots hence, they have higher knowledge than they do. Davis,Rudolph, and Ayers (2002), urges that automation factually are notthe prime reason behind unemployment since in some case, robot arealso expensive.

Barnesand Liu (2002), urges that robots and automation increase the rate ofanti-social people. This is because people will tend to spend moretime with their robot rather than other human beings. However, peoplewill spare some of their time for hobby activities. According to aresearch that conducted early in 21 century, robots and automationmakes people asocial. Nowadays, people are also spending a lot oftime in front of TV screens, which they use as an entertainmentdevice hence, they remain indoors preventing them from daily lifeorder. In addition, TV and computer games deny children the joy theywould have while outdoors. Nevertheless, robot and automation areadvantageous when people are performing complicated tasks. Thanks torobots and automation, one person can crack down a number of housechores within a very short time. In an office, employees do not haveto spend a lot of time and energy to complete a certain task that arobot can do. Instead, they save some time for their hobbies sincerobot and automation makes work easier and accelerates the speed ofaccomplishing the task.

Inconclusion, robots are of great benefits to humanity. They save moneyand time to complete a task compared to human being. In the future,robot will one way or the other they will part of every human being.They will not only do jobs that belong to human beings, but alsoperform jobs that need social grace.


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