Art and Ecology/ Art as social practice

Artand Ecology/ Art as social practice


Artand Ecology/ Art as social practice


Canart be used as a medium of expression the consequences humanity isbond to face should they ignore to adapt to their environments?


Therelationship between nature and the environment has been taught to usthrough education and public forums. However, with the changingtimes, the consequence of humanity refusal to adapt to theenvironment cannot be over looked and other mediums such asperformance art must be used to sensitize the masses. Thus, as anartist I focus on the works of Tea Makipaa such as the Eden II andAtlantis in trying to sensitize people on the rooming effects ofenvironment degradation


Ecologicaldegradation has led to an increased threat on both the human andwildlife. Previously, these effects have only been taught in schoolsand public forums sensitizing people on the effects of ecologicalneglect. Thus, artists like TeaMakipaa have taken the initiative tosensitive people on a different platform, which is art (Makipaa,2014).

Howhas art been used to sensitize people on environmental awareness.

TeaMakipaa has employed art to show the venerability of our modernlifestyle. In her piece Atlantis, a house is submerged in water andthe few visible parts there seem some life exist. The accident wouldhave been caused by multiple cause all caused by environmentneglects. With the image of a sinking house, the artist tells of animpending disaster, one about to be caused by nature (Makipaa, 2007).

HowArt conceptually differs from other means ecological awarenesssensitization

Borrowingfrom the works of Makipaa, Atlantis, she shows her audience theeffects of global warming by presenting a sinking house which stillis inhabited. Thus, art show firsthand the effect of environmentaldegrades. From the works of art by Tea Makipaa, Eden II, she show howhumans being and their ability to affect their environment with anold rusty ship.

Howhas art been used as a medium of sensitization?

Arthas been used to highlight changes in the environment and how humanshave caused massive environmental destruction. In addition, it hasbeen used to show possible measures to prevent catastrophes.

Whereother forms art have failed to answer the artists’ needs,performance art has played a big role in doing this. Previously,artist in object art have tried showing how humans have changed theenvironment and not been so successful, thus, Tea Makipaa brings inher art of the floating ship Eden II (Makipaa, 2010).


Inconclusion, where other methods have failed to sensitize people inthe dangers of ecological neglect, art has played a major rolesensitizing people by forecasting through show images of possiblecatastrophes.


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