Article Critique


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The article &quotWhy We HateHR&quot, written by Hammonds (2005) provide an interesting argumentregarding the human resource management (HRM). First, I will providea glimpse of the article and later my position on it. First, thearticle argues that HRM lack enough education skills, especiallybusiness skills that can able them to hire expertise who can meet acompany’s threshold. Additionally, HRM do understand a companyinternally or externally (for instance, company’s vision, aims,goals, objectives, threats, strengths among others), and therefore,they aren’t significant to the company.

Another serious allegation raisedby the Hammonds (2005) regarding HRM is that they aren’t leaders.This means that they cannot make any decision to the company’s orhave a final saying in a stakeholder meeting. Moreover, HRM are notin the best position of recruiting employees for a company. Hammonds(2005) argues that HRM carelessly chooses peoples for positionswithout caring their qualifications or abilities to do a given task.To hit the nail on head, some HRM get bribe in order to recruitpeoples. HRM also cannot make a person’s career to grow.

In my view, I disagree withHammonds (2005) findings regarding HRM. HRM basically focuses on howpeople are managed in a given organization, guided by system andpolicies. This shows that HRM need first to understand anorganization system and policies in order to fully implement it, andthis goes in contrary to the article’s findings. Regarding theeducation, it’s the responsibility of HRM to appraise a candidatebefore giving him/her the position. The HRM knows if he/she doesn’thire employees who can deliver, then his/her job will be at risk.This also shows that HRM must have a good education background andunderstand company’s in and out order to hire someone who can fitthe position and deliver.


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