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&quotThevery notions of good and bad girls are dictated by male fears. Thegood girl is a wife, mother, daughter while the bad girl is theobject of lust. As long as men cannot integrate these two creatures,we will be condemned to impersonate them&quot

Thethree sentence citation from the book above is a clear manifestationof how sexual desire or lack of it is used by men to create thenotion of bad and good girls in society. It is clear from the firstsentence that male fears dictate the good and the bad girls that thebranding of a girl as good or bad depends on how men view her(Sussman294).It is clear that men want to associate themselves with the good girlswhom they believe are the people close to them such as their wives,mothers and daughters. The desire for sex from women has been viewedby men as the measure of whether a girl is good or bad. Any woman whocraves for sex is branded as a bad girl by men. It is abundantlyclear that men do not use any other aspect to assess how much a girlis good or bad besides her sexual desire. Any woman who openlymanifests her desire for a man is branded as a bad girl.

Thisis simply a notion and there are no facts to this idea of good andbad girls. Sexual desires cannot be used to determine whether a girlis good or bad. It is clear that this is a cultural issue and atradition which asserts that women are not allowed to manifest theirlust like men do. It can be argued that girls can manifest theirsexual desire or passion for a day and that should not be used as ameasure to conclude that they are bad girls (Sussman294).It is clear from this citation that men fear women who might outdothem in aspects to do with sex. As a consequence, they would want tobrand such girls as bad. It is clear that men fail to understand theelements of a bad or a good girl and their fears only work to wronglyjudge the women.


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Sussman,Ellen. BadGirls: 26 Writers Misbehave.New York: W.W. Norton, 2007. Print.

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