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BonusArmy March

TheBonus Army was an assemblage of more than 40,000 people in WashingtonD.C. They were demanding for gratuity certificates (Goldfieldet al., 2011).In my opinion, these groups had the right to demand for theircompensation. This is because the payment had been due for long.

CivilianConservation Corps

Itwas a relief program that operated in the United States from 1933 to1942 (Goldfieldet al., 2011).In my opinion, the program was created to help address issues in thesociety. It employed the youth to build roads and improve parks.


Itrefers to a period of dust storms that damaged agricultural productsin the United States in 1930s. In my opinion, dust bowl led todrought. The dust storms occurred because there were no methods tocontrol wind erosion.

GoodNeighbor Policy

Agood Neighbor policy was a doctrine adopted by President Franklin in1933. In my opinion, the system intended to improve relations amongthe Americans. This is because it would encourage interaction andunity.


Itrefers to organizing people in the society where a dictatorgovernment controls their lives. In my opinion, the state did notwant interference. This is because they would like to do whateverthey want without being questioned.


AdolfHitler was a German dictator from 1933 to 1945. His ruling was basedon racial supremacy. In my opinion, he was an assassin. This isbecause during his term more that 5 million Jews were killed.

BracerosMovement Bracero`smovement was a Mexican laborer who came to the United States to doseasonal jobs such as agricultural work (Goldfieldet al., 2011).In my opinion, they migrated to United States to earn extra wages.This is because they did not have enough for their daily needs.


Televisionis an electronic device that transmits visual images as well as soundand is seen on screens. In my opinion, televisions are used forentertainment and education among others. This is due to a variety ofprograms broadcasted.


GenevaAccords occurred after a conference held in Geneva, Switzerland in1954. The meeting intended to resolve wars between the French andVietnams. In my opinion, Geneva Accords would promote and securepeace in Vietnam.

AmericanIndian Movement

TheAmerican Indian Movement was a civil right activist organization inthe United States that established international recognition ofNative Americans rights (Goldfieldet al., 2011).In my opinion, the group was unhappy with the way the Americansrights were being infringed.

EnvironmentalProtection Agency

Theorganization was established in 1970 under President Nixon. Theprimary role was to protect both human and environment health(Goldfieldet al., 2011).In my opinion, the body wanted to improve the health standards ofindividuals, as well as their surrounding.


DesertStorm was a section of Gulf War in 1991. Soldiers from all over theworld targeted specific critical areas in Iraq. In my opinion, thiswas because Iraq was rich in oil. Most of the attacks were on oiltankers.

PresidentClinton`s impeachment

InMay, 6, 1994, Paula Corbin Jones filed a lawsuit to impeach PresidentBill Clinton. Ms. Jones accused President Clinton of violating herfederal civil right. It was alleged that Clinton harassed Ms. Jonessexually.

TheClinton era Economy

PresidentsBill Clinton strategy on the economy focused on policies investedheavily on the middle class. He helped in developing infrastructureand innovations that improved the life of Americans. He changed theeconomy to a high one and this fostered growth.

MartinLuther King, Jr.

MartinLuther Kind, Jr. was a prominent political leader who defended therights of people. He strongly opposed segregation of the blackAmericans who were treated badly in the United States (Goldfieldet al., 2011).In my opinion, the King was an influential person. He had thousandsof supporters during a march in Washington.

CubanMissile Crisis

TheCuban Missile Crisis was a movement in the Cold War. The movement wasbetween Soviet Union and United States (Goldfieldet al., 2011).It was a demonstration for the prevention of nuclear missiles inCuba. In my opinion, Cuba would become more powerful and use theseweapons to control other nations.


Beatniksare people who took part in the social movement of 1950s. Thesepeople emphasized on self-expression and condemned the conventionalsociety. In my opinion, this was to avoid traditional behaviors anddressings.

MontgomeryBus Boycott

TheMontgomery Boycott was a civil rights movement by African Americansin the United States (Goldfieldet al., 2011).In my opinion, the black Americans were demonstrating against racialdiscrimination. This is because they were segregated on publictransport systems.

G.I.Bill of Rights

Thesewere laws passed to help people who served as soldiers during theWorld War 11. In my opinion, these benefits would help them in theircivilian life. This was also a way of motivating people to join themilitary.

Bayof Pigs invasion

Itwas a failed mission by United States and Cuba exiles to Cuba in1961. They had entered Cuba on the South coast, but they wereoverpowered (Goldfieldet al., 2011).In my opinion, the soldiers wanted to overthrow the government. Thisis because they wanted to promote growth by opposing the regime ofFidel Castro.


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