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The Farm by Joan Miró

The Farm is an oil in canvas painting that Joan painted between 1921and 1922. It is one of the most significant paintings she ever did inhistory. This piece of art is a representation of the entire life ofthe painter. The painting represents the family’s farm in Mont-roigDel Camp where the family had lived since 1911. The painting is atypical setting of a farm with domestic animals, plants andequipments which are of use in daily home activities (Adams 1). Thepainting clearly indicates the daily activities of a farm with aperson working. It has all the characteristics of a lively homeincluding buildings. All the paintings of the chicken, goats, lizard,dog, the tree, the sun and the houses are clearly visible and do notcreate any confusion. The huge tree between the two houses grows on ablack spot, which contrasts with the shining sun in the sky. Asdescribed in the words of Joan, the Farm was a representation of herentire life and that of the family in the farm. Therefore, the mainsubject of the painting is the family farm and the life of thepainter. The narrative that the painting gives is that of the life ofthe painter in the farm. The painting gives the narrative of Spainand represents the farm life in the country (NGA 2).

There is no doubt that the Farm is a masterpiece. The use color,texture, brush strokes and the artistic medium is exceptional. Thepaintings on one of the buildings with cracks are the use of brushstrokes by the painter. It is also clear that the ground can be theuse of brush strokes by the painter. The artistic medium used by thepainter is the canvas. The painting is an oil painting on canvaswhich the painter did perfectly for nine months to come up with theFarm. Color has been effectively used by the painter in the image.The plants in the image have been painted green. It is also evidentthat the painter used contrast to bring out the painting clearly. Forinstance, the tree stands on a black circle which contrasts with thewhite color of the sun. The blue sky behind the painting, as well asthe different colors of various objects and animals in the image aremeant to create identity (NGA 3). The choice of colors in thepainting has made the image to be extremely clear and visible.

I think the piece of work is fantastic and exceptional. The paintingis extremely detailed but every detail of the image is visible. Thechoice of the different colors by the painter was exceptional. Thework portrays a clear picture of how life in the farm was. This is atypical farm with domestic animals, plants and equipments for dailyuse in the farm. I absolutely like the painting. The work has actedas an eye opener to me with regard to how life was in the farms inSpain in the 1920s (Adams 1). I have also learnt that women were thepeople who were left in the farms, as well as taking care of thechildren.

One the substantial questions one would raise with the reader is thepresence of the huge cracks on the larger building. The building doesnot seem stable and yet the woman and the child are adjacent to it.Secondly, the work’s objects and animals seem to be juxtaposed invarious forms and positions. They seem disintegrated and one wouldraise such a question with the reader.

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