Barcode technology


Promotionof barcode technology

Inmedical field, errors are extremely dangerous. This is because theoccurrence of an error when treating a patient can cause permanentdisability to that patient or even death. is astrategy that has the potential of reducing some common mistakes thatusually take place in hospitals eventually causing adverse effects topatients. The barcode technology has been employed in several nationsand has showed a remarkable response in controlling errors in medicalcenters. It is, however, important noting that most errors that leadto adverse are controllable. There is a necessity of implementationof barcode technology so as to minimize controllable errors in thehospitals (Raj, 2001).

Knowledgeis power. The best way of promoting the implementation of barcodetechnology is by enlightening both the stakeholders and community thenecessity of this technology. The existence of credible statisticsshowing how barcode technology has helped in various countries suchas Canada will make the parties in the subject believe itsimplementation is necessary. This can be achieved by mobilizingsocial work agencies, NGOs and human rights associations to join handin disseminating information of the necessity of barcode technology.The stakeholders will work out to see the technology is put in placewhile the community will push to ensure the technology has beenemployed. By so doing, the technology will have been fullyimplemented in all the health facilities (Xu, 2007).

Similarly,barcode technology can be promoted through the legal procedures. Withenough and credible evidence of how barcode technology can help incontrolling errors in health facilities, one can approach lawmakersand have it passed into law. It is the interest of all leaders tohear that their citizens are handled with care. The evidence providedwill, therefore, encourage the lawmakers and law-amenders to passbarcode technology to be employed in all health facilities. By sodoing the technology will have been promoted and consequently putinto practice (Raj, 2001).


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