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is an aspect that has attracted varying opinions and ideasfrom various people. Whereas some people put much importance on theinner beauty such as great personality, others have resorted tophysical appearance as the ultimate measure of beauty. It is evidentthat the physical appearance of a person is given immense value(Scruton, 2009). The society also weighs in on the debate of beauty.

It is evident that the American society has largely given enormousvalue on the outer beauty and has little or no regard for the innerbeauty. Models in the United States are regarded as beautiful due totheir curved figures and imminent hips. This beauty is all but basedon the physical appearance of the individuals. can be viewedas what appeases or tickles the fancy of another person. It is vitalto assert that what might appear beautiful to one person may not beas beautiful or appealing to another person.

The elements that constitute the physical or the outside beautyranges from dress code, weight, height, smell and looks (Scruton,2009). The society has made beauty an element of the physicalappearance and people are judged based on their physical looks. It isevident that the society has created a wrong impression of whatbeauty is and has reduced it to physical appearance.

Research has indicated that beauty is more than just the physicalappearance and encompasses the mental beauty. is about howpeople perceive and think about themselves. It is general knowledgethat make up only distorts the natural beauty that a person has.Numerous people have gone to medics for surgery looking for beauty.However, the surgery on the skin or on any part of the body cannot betermed as beauty (Scruton, 2009). The real beauty is natural and itis in the mind of person. It is clear that a beautiful woman will notgo for surgery or will not put on makeup. Such women are confidentand satisfied that they are beautiful without any alterations ontheir physical appearance. Although such women may not be the mostbeautiful in the society, they have a conviction that they arebeautiful.

In conclusion, it is evidently clear that beauty goes beyond skindeep and it involves the mental orientation of a person. However, thephysical appearance cannot be ignored as a critical element ofdetermining how beautiful a person looks (Scruton, 2009). The societyhas changed how beauty is viewed and therefore people have no choicebut to abide by the societal norms and expectations.


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