Behavior in Social Situation

Behaviorin Social Situation

Behaviorin Social Situation

Givean example of some time when you conformed

WhenI went for my attachment, I found that in the organization I wasworking in, people greeted each other with signs and not with hugs orhandshakes. I learnt that it was a policy to reduce time wastageduring working hours, hence I conformed.

Givean example of a time when you used cognitive dissonance to changesomeone’s attitude or someone did that to you.

Oneday when in school, we were assigned a project that was to becompleted in groups. One of the members of my group was aninternational student from Qatar. I suggested that she be the groupleader, being the only girl in the group. She refused to head thegroup. According to her cultural and religious beliefs, she is notexpected to lead men or to appear dominance over men. She wasembarrassed by my suggestion.

Givean example of groupthink either one that you participated in or sawtake place.

Duringlast summer, we went camping with my friends. When it was time to gohome, we noticed one of our friends was missing. We needed to do asearch for him. Since it was getting late and we were worried, wedecided to leave search for him, but some argued that it was notimportant as he may have just decided to leave the group. Theymajority suggested that we go home and to avoid trouble we should notreport the incident. To conform, I agreed, yet I knew that it waswise to start a search for our missing friend and even report toauthorities.

Givean example of a time when you acted out of altruism.

Igave away my packed lunch and my pocket money for the week to astranger in the park who was in need.