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Beinga Christian


Christianityis one of the world’s major religions that has dominated ethics andmorals and behaviors of the followers of this religion. Christianityas a religion has been compared to other religions such as Islam andBuddhism. The behaviors and moral and ethical orientation ofChristians has also been compared and contrasted against thebehaviors and ethical and moral orientation of other adherents ofother religions. For some people, this is a yard stick on measuringChristianity values. However, being a Christian means having certaincore beliefs which guide one’s behavior and actions here on earth.

Tobe a Christian means to believe in Jesus Christ, God the father andthe Holy Spirit. The Bible instructs that for one to a Christian,&quotYou shall have no other gods besides me&quot (Deuteronomy5:7). This God is one though He comprises of three beings known asthe trinity. This comprises of the Father, Jesus Christ and the HolySpirit. This is clearly espoused throughout the Bible where Jesusteaches that he was sent by His Father. However, he also states that&quotI am in the Father and the Father is in me&quot (John 14:11)which can be confusing for some people but the three are also one.

Towardsthe end of his life here on earth, Jesus promised his disciplinesthat he would send them a helper in the name of the Holy Spirit.Jesus said “I will send the Spirit of truth for he lives with andwill be in you. I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am inyou&quot (John 14:17-18, 20). This alone explains that being aChristian, which is basically belief in Jesus Christ hence the nameChristian has to encompass the existence of God in trinity. Thisbelief in God is supposed to shape behavior and actions of Christianswhich should be clearly discernible from the behavior ofnon-believers.

Christiansmust also believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.Christianity teaches that God the Father sent his only begotten sonto the world in the form and body of a human being through a childconceived of a virgin named Mary. The man was crucified on the crossin order to save the world and he was buried in a tomb and arose onthird day and ascended to heaven. The bible teaches that this wasnecessary to save a sinful world. This is another teaching ofChristianity which also contributes to being a Christian which is tobelieve that we are all sinners and thus all must seek repentancethrough the blood of Jesus Christ which was shed on the cross for oursins. This alone will grant one passage to Heaven where God haspromised to take those who believe in Him and repent their sinsthrough the blood of Jesus Christ and seek guidance of the HolySpirit to live according to His word contained in the Bible.

AChristian is thus a person who follows Christ, desires Him, activelyseeks fellowship with Him, lets Him live in him through actions andalways seeks to glorify Him. Therefore, being a Christian does notsimply imply declaring oneself as such. Additionally, attendingChurch or just reading the bible does not simply make one aChristian. A Christian should follow the bible and act accordinglyand believe in God in his heart (Ratzinger &amp Pope Benedict XVI2006). One should observe the commandments, such as loving one’sneighbors and worshipping only one God.

Allin all, it is clear that being a Christian means adapting a whole newway of life and have different beliefs. Certain practices such asattending church and reading bible are critical practices amongChristians. Nonetheless, these practices are pointless if they arenot driven by beliefs and actions.


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