Bullying The Amanda Todd Story


2types of bullying Amanda experienced

Amanda Todd went through bullying in the most horrific ways. She wassubjected to psychological and physical bullying and could take it nomore. Psychologically, Amanda was made to feel unwanted in extremeways. Her classmates and people she once knew as friends at timeseven go out with at 7th grade, changed and becamebackstabbers. The same people who used to call her beautiful andperfect turned to be sadists who wished death upon her and were notashamed to tell her that they wanted her dead. The hate and remorseon her Face book page left her little consolation. Poor Amanda knewno peace and despite changing to other schools, the bullying neverstopped. It seemed like a bad omen that would never let go until shewas finally dead. Amanda sunk into anxiety, panic attacks anddepression both of which are symptoms of psychological conditions.

Physically Amanda was a victim of abuse from her old guy’sgirlfriend. She was thrown on the ground after a guy from the groupof 15yelled ‘just punch her already’. She was abused punchedseverally as kids filmed it then left on the ground all alone. Thisaggravated her psychological state and she felt like a joke in theworld. She then went and lay in a muddy ditch where she stayed untilher father found her (Video source, 2012).


The consequences of bullying on Amanda led her to experience socialseclusion, emotional trauma and suicidal attempts. Social exclusioncame from her friends, as nobody wanted to be associated with herespecially after her picture went viral and was sent to everyone. Shelearned to live her life alone without any friends. At lunchtime, shewould be all alone and in the library. Despite the seclusion, Amandaexperienced emotional trauma and felt alone in the world. Theemotional trauma is characteristic in her psychological symptoms ofpanic attacks and anxiety after bullying took place. She was neverstable and was put on medical treatment for anxiety and depression.Depression is a condition if not well treated leads to suicidalthoughts and attempts. Amanda attempted to commit suicide many timesstarting with the incident where she drunk bleach but was saved bymedics.

2recommended strategies

Amanda’s parents, teachers and authorities would have taken hercase to the next level especially after seeing the effects thebullying had on her. They would have reported the case to authoritiesand dealt with it from the school level at all costs. This would haveassured her of safety and made her feel at least secure. Dealing withbullies early enough would have also prevented future bullyingincidents in the schools she attended (Rigby &amp ACER, 2007).

2similarities and 2differences between the bullying cases

Bullying now and during the time I attended school is similar inthat it was followed by physical and psychological acts to subjectsomeone to some form of mistreatment. The victim of bullying feelsweaker and is subjected to traumatic events that make their lifeworthless. Bullying is a vice that if tolerated can lead to adverseconsequences. Bullies exercised their acts through physical abusethrough acts like beating, punching and slapping or other forms ofphysical violence (Pepler et al. 2004). Psychologically theyinstilled fear on the victims and made them feel inferior. Thisinferiority resulted to low self-esteem issues and panic or anxiety.

The difference between past years bullying and present bullying isthe extent to which social media has facilitated bullying. Withsocial sites like FB, students are prone to cyber bullying and otheronline forms of exposure such as nude pictures. The social media havesurpassed many boundaries and restrictions, making bullying worse.Apart from cyber bullying, verbal bullying through comments andcaptions is another terrible way of making someone feel unworthy. Thenegative comments that were written on Amanda’s face book page,about wanting her dead may have contributed to ending her lifelargely.

Key factors that led to bullying behaviors, prevention programs

Bullying behavior continues to prevail as a result of limitedcontrol of the behavior. According to Pepler et al. (2004), lack ofstrict rules against bullying in schools is another cause of bullyingin schools. There is a need for schools and authorities to establishstrict rules against bullying. Schools particularly need to bevigilant on fighting this vice as it is killing more students daily.The role to inform, warn and prevent bullying in schools should notbe overlooked argues Rigby &amp ACER (2007). School regulationsshould not allow bullying or tolerate it at any costs.

They should take preventive measures like expelling bullies andterminating them from the school for good. If bullying takes placeoutside the school, local authorities have the right to deal withbullying as a crime that subjects individuals to physical andpsychological abuse. Bullies like criminals should not go unpunishedbecause they encourage breeding a society of decayed morals. Lettingbullies go free, is giving the society room for criminals. Given achance, bullies grow to become law offenders who use force to extortthings from innocent people or hurt them. The authorities can be veryuseful in curbing the new forms of bullying such as cyber bullyingsince they have the necessary tracking machines. With thosepreventive measures, bullying can be reduced significantly.


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