Afterreflecting on your personal goals, what do you hope to gain byearning your doctorate?

Afterearning my doctorate degree, I hope to share the qualities that Igained from my professional learning environment with my colleaguesand other people in the society. According to Cullen and Harris(2008), the learning environment enables students to foster safetythat empowers them to discuss and reflect that they have learnt inclass such as teaching process and literature. In addition, a studentdevelops openness and the ability to discuss his or her thoughts andfeelings. Therefore, I look forward to build confidence and insightthat will enable to practise the theory learnt in class.

Further,I hope to empower others through my doctorate degree in thecollaborative learning environment. Similar to social constructivistssuch as Bruner and Piaget, I also plan to use collaborative learningprocess to discuss and reflect upon the literature, skills, and theknowledge that I have acquired in the past years (Cullen at. Al.,2008). In addition, I will also encourage my fellow student behind meto work and accomplish their goals. Although the journey may looktough, it is good to keep heart and continue to aim for the best. Atthe same time, I will inspire other people who want to start pursingdoctorate degree and encourage them to do so in haste. Finally, Ilook forward to learn more about learning processes, and at the sametime conduct several researches in the education that is the area ofmy interest.


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