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Inconducting international business, business communication skills arerequired in different situations such as writing of memoranda,business letters, reports, resumes to companies, and electronicmessages. Additionally, these skills come in handy in the delivery oforal presentations, process analysis, and proposal analysis. Thus,one is required to develop interpersonal skills to foster criticalthinking, and problem solving though effective communication. Inorder to understand the magnitude of international businesscommunication, this essay examines a sample video of communicationbetween a German Coast guard and an English speaking sailor at seawho has radioed in for help when their boat starts to sink.

Sharedfirst impression of video

Whenone watches the video, the first impression is that of a humoroussetting. Though not understanding the German language used to giveinstructions to the junior officer the duty station, actions can tellhe is new in the job and he has just been oriented to the equipmentthis is a disaster in waiting. There is a clear language barrier, amiscommunication between the life guard and the sinking boat, as thelife guard gets a totally different word over the radio (German CoastGuard, 2006).

Sharedmost vivid visual memories of video

Themost vivid memories from the video is those of the senior coast guardorienting the junior officer on the equipment in the radio room andhe taps him in the back to show it is an easy job and he cancontinue. Also, there are visual memories of a confused coast guardwhen a distress call comes in, he tries to look for his superior andwhen he realizes he is no longer present he goes ahead to communicate(German Coast Guard, 2006).

Identifieddecoded message

Themessage receiver in the coast guard video decodes the wrong message.The foreign language is not well understood by the German life guardwho takes the caller to be saying ‘think’ instead of sink. Thecaller speaks fast making the foreign listener to miss the messagebeing transmitted. The message being transmitted is a call for helpto the Coast Guards by sinking boat at sea (German Coast Guard,2006).

BusinessMessage for this video

Thevideo relays the message that, in the process of communication,several objectives are to be achieved when initiating a businesscommunication. These objectives include objective of thecommunication and meaning of word being transmitted. There is usuallya context involved, and there may arise barriers in the communicationprocess. In addition, in business communication, the parties involvedneed to improve their listening skills in order to get the actualmessage being communicated (Beamer and Varner, 2001).

Asthe receiver, one suggestion

Goodcommunication begins with the message being transmitted that is, bylistening and giving undivided attention, and not trying to interjecttoo quickly with my own thoughts. In addition, as the receiver, thereis a need to focus on one’s thoughts, and have a set strategy onhow foreign language should be received and translated in order toget the desired message (Beamer and Varner, 2001).

Asthe director/sender, changes using AIDA Model

Followingthe AIDA model in message relaying (attention, interest, desire, andaction), the message would probably be framed as “help! Help!” toattract attention, “this is X boat, we need help we are sinking, Irepeat this X boat and we are taking water, we need help” gettingthe listener to be interested in the message and get the desire to beinvolved in the action of helping. This way, the message is clear,concise to the point, and the sender repeats themselves in case theyare not understood the first time.

&nbsp&nbspThreeconcepts learned for continued use

Accordingto Bovée et al (2005), while communicating with others, one shouldestablish self-concept this entails the way people see ourselves.This affects the manner of communication with others the vocabularyand tone in a person’s voice indicates how they feel aboutthemselves. Therefore, one should always be open to new experiencesallowing themselves to be open to new ideas. Secondly, in businesscombination, one should be concise, by getting to the point quicklyby the use of straight forward language that would allow the point tobe put across. Thirdly, planning business communication carefully isvital. This can be done by ensuring that one has all the informationneeded to be passed to the recipient the first time communication isinitiated.

Inaddition, it is important to be clear this is because one might onlyget one chance, as is the case in the coast guard video. The messagesender is misinterpreted in the single chance he has to send hismessage. Misinterpreted messages may lack the time to correct thembefore they escalate into problems. When answering questions, itimportant to make sure the answer is concise and understood.


Inconclusion, effective communication takes preparation, practice, andpersistence. Effective communication is an integral part of running asuccessful business. Succeeding in international business, calls forcommunicational skills, including language skills. The language usedwhile communicating should be easy to understand, both to thereceiver and sender.


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