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Thispaper looks into problems facing two companies (a non-profit makingand a profit making), identifying the problems, how they affect thecompanies, as well as the ones responsible for the problems. Finally,the paper looks into solutions for the problems and the obstaclesbehind their implementation.

Company1.The Problemsfacing PBS Television Network (Non-Profit Organizations)

PBSis an American non-profit television broadcasting network, which hasover 350 member TV stations. It’s the prominent TV programsprovider in the United States. In recent times the company is facingchallenges in its operations. One of the major challenges affectingthe company is the increase in the number of non-profitorganizations, and hence increases in the competitionfor the allotted finances.This has reduced the amount of funds given to PBS and hence haltingtheir operations (Ratković&amp Šiđanin, 2014).

Anotherchallenge that has faced the organization is the competitionfrom the other media companies.With their limited finances, the company has failed to be able tocompete with other private media companies in the country. Finally,the company is faced with challenges in keepingup with advances in technology.Many non-profit organizations compete for every donated funds and inturn being left behind in technology trends (Bennett&amp DiLorenzo, 2005).

Themain reason behind the challenges is lack of enough financial powerto implement desired changes. This has been the case with non-profitmaking organization which has to fully depend on donations in orderto carry out their operations. This gives them a disadvantage overtheir competitors. The problems affecting PBS television network areas a result of the shrinking government aid, as well more demands toshore equal results compared to their opponents.

Theproblems have had a negative impact to the organization as they havelimited their strengths in competing with other like minded businessestablishments. In other works, the challenge acts as performancestrainers. Despite the problems affecting the organization, it hasall been blamed on the government for continued decrease, in theamount of funds given to the organization.

Lookinginto the problem facing the television network, the potentialsolution to the problem is to increase the financial support given tothe organization. This will allow or give the establishment an equaledge to compete with others. In reference to the mentioned problemsabove, the company can eliminate the technology gap throughdeployment of the advanced technology aspects. This would allow theorganization to keep in touch with other companies in the industry. In reference to competition, the organization should embark onquality as well as marketing their products effectively. Finally, thedonations to the organization should be increased to help eliminatethe financial constrain affecting the establishment (Hatzfeld,2014).

Company2.ProblemsFacing For-Profit Company (Fox Television Network)

Foxtelevision also known as fox network as a commercial televisionnetwork found in America. Since its inception, the organization hasgrown to become one of the renowned television networks in the UnitedStates (Jones,2012).

TheProblems facing Fox Television Network includes declinein rating successin America in reference to aone time programming juggernaut. In addition, the organization hasbeen affected by the dismalperformance of the substituent branchesin other countries. Last and not the least the company has beenaffected by the employee moving out of the organization (employeesatisfaction)(Bennett&amp DiLorenzo, 2005).

Themajor factor behind the problem is the organization’s managementthat has been unable to achieve the best out of the organization. Theinability to maintain all the branches, maintain the employees aswell as a decline in the American success, it’s a clear show of themanagement’s inability to achieve the best.

Theseproblems have negatively affected the organization in the fact that,they have lowered the organization performance in the industry. Thishas reduced the organization’s popularity among the Americans andin other countries. The management is responsible for these problemsare the only people who have the power to reverse the trend.Inference to the problem identified, the solution can be achievedthrough the use of dynamic management strategies or styles which willenable fully implementation and success of all the organizationsectors (Hatzfeld, 2014).


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