Business management is a very important career in organizations toda


Businessmanagement is a very important career in organizations today.Management role in organizations is a key function that enablescoordination of different people’s efforts to accomplish a certainstipulated goal or objectives. Management comprises of the planning,controlling, staffing, leading and directing. “Workingin an environment that offers a platform for one to use theircreativity is the main driving force a higher proportion of businessmanagers”(Graybeal,10). Managementpath includes many challenges. Being a manager would be an excellentcareer because it involves leadership it takes knowledge ofbusiness, and it requires many people skills.

Businessmanagement career

Managementhas been in the world for a very long time, the earliest instances ofmanagement include the Sumerians traders and the builders of theancient Egypt. Modern business managers have adopted a molded form ofmanagement theories by application of their vast backgroundknowledge. Myers(10)postulates that “…21stcentury business managers tend to think of the conjunction ofdifferent processes, tasks and objects as compared to the 20thcentury managers.”Some of the factors that have led to the transition of businessmanagers include work democracy, industrialization, economic crisis(recession) and new policies and regulations by governments.

Someof the top business managers in the world today include: Jeff Bezos(, Anne Mulcahy (Xerox), Howard Schultz (Starbucks), LarryPage (Google), Tim Cook (Apple), and Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo) among manyother top leaders in the world who have transitioned their companiesto excellence. In every 10 job seeker there is one withqualifications in business management. This depicts that the currentworkforce encompasses about 10% professionals in business management.The least payment a qualified business manager is expected to receiveis $ 40,000 as the basic salary. The figure is expected to rise asone gain more experience and promoted in an organization up to$200,000 or more depending on the kind of position one holds(McCarthy,12).

Mostorganizations in the market require one to have a completed abachelor’s degree in business administration or any otherapplicable major that correlates to management. The intervieweeasserts that a Business Degree in Management is essential to become abusiness manager. However, she goes further to point out that “Aninternship in management would allow me to gain valuable experiencewhich would enhance my abilities along with my management degree”.In order one to be successful in this career, they must ensure thatthey possess time management skills and critical thinking abilities(AGCAS,7).

Businessmanagement position is not discriminatory when it comes to gender,color and race. One is expected to meet the standards to become amanager and proof that they can lead an organization in the rightpath. However, a lot of experience in the field is very importantthis is because it entails decision making approaches which normallyare undertaken from previous experience or current situations. Thismeans that a given level of maturity is required in terms ofprofessionalism and age (McCarthy,10).

Otherrelated courses to business management include systems management,operations management and project management. All these degreeoptions have a direct correlation since they are encompass businessmanagement skills and knowledge. Business management career offersone a chance to expand their knowledge and sharpen their skills itenhances creativity, innovation and undertaking of complex taskswithout a predefined formula. Hence, its flexibility is veryimportant to individuals who encompass a wide array of skills andknowledge.

Abusiness cannot survive without business managers this is because itis the business managers who offer support to organizations.Ratcliffe(10) brings up the relationship between leadership and management bysaying that “managementis essential wherever group efforts are required to be directedtowards achievements of common goals”.Hence business management significance can be exhibited by its rolesin organizations (planning, staffing, directing, controlling andorganizing) (Myers,1).

Businessmanagers face a number of challenges that push them to the limit.Some of the hazards associated with business management positioninclude employees’ not cooperating, organization failure, economicpressure, stakeholders’ pressure, government regulations and needfor innovation to remain in the market. All these factors weigh downbusiness managers tremendously as they strive to maintain theirpositions. The recent recession impaired negatively the profession asa large number of organizations in the market collapsed rendering alarge proportion of people jobless. Graybeal(5) illustrates that “Viewingwork and organization as sets of distinct parts can help youunderstand where your business is operating effectively, and where,specifically, your business may be experiencing trouble”it is such tasks that business managers ought to undertake.

Themost challenging aspect about having this career is the fact that abusiness manager is expected to control and direct all employees inan organization. People are very hard to control and it requires anindividual who is always ready to take pressure and ensure thatemployees are cushioned from the same. Business managers encounterpressure from other competitors, the government and investors whowould want to see the company make profits at the end of eachfinancial period (Ratcliffe,2). The interviewee clarifies that “Thereare lots of opportunities and it brings additional knowledgeregarding business and how you can utilize your skills and advancewithin the company”.This is an illustration of existing opportunities for businessmanagers (Reh,2).

Itis very important for business managers to ensure that they are up todate at all times. The world is experiencing tremendous changes thatrequire all business managers to adopt new roles and skills to handlethe new situations. For instance, a business manager can opt to do acourse in IT or information systems. Such an undertaking will placean individual on a competitive edge in rendering services to anorganization. Technology is the main advancement in the market thatrequires adoption of new skills (Reh,7).


  1. What kind of requirement do you need for this career?

BusinessDegree in Management

Aninternship in management would allow me to gain valuable experiencewhich would enhance my abilities along with my management degree

  1. What kind of responsibility do you need for this career?



Theability to analyze and project outcome for the company

  1. Is this career hard to start?

Nothis career is not hard to start. You could actually start a careerby enrolling in a management course or apply for an entry levelmanagement position and build your career from this point.

  1. How long did you study management or do some jobs about it?

5years for management and worked in that field for approximately 25years.

  1. What did you learn the most from this career?

Howto be a team player and the importance of working together andvaluing every member for their contribution

  1. Do you like this career? Why?

YesI enjoy this career. There are lots of opportunities and it bringsadditional knowledge regarding business and how you can utilize yourskills and advance within the company.

  1. What is the hardest problem in this career?


  1. Is this career useful in our real life?


  1. What kind of advice can you give me for this career?

BusinessManagement is a great career especially if it is your dream to ownyour own business and you have the resources and support system.

  1. How does this career affect you?

Itaffects me in a positive manner. I am able to use the knowledge andskills gained over the years to apply to my personal life.


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Theinterview projected on the qualities of a good business manager andthe necessary requirements. It is evident that a business managerought to be someone who is able to lead people and ensure that peoplewithin an organization come together to work and undertake theirdaily activities. Time management is another crucial virtue of abusiness manager in any organization this is because activities thathappen in an organization need proper time allocation strategies. Abusiness manager is flexible to change with technology and othereconomic variables it is true such a framework that business managerstend to learn more on new occurrences in the market.

Oneof the most surprising things I learnt from the interview is thatoffice politics tend to weigh down on business managers. From mypersonal opinion I always thought that office politics is a fun sincemost of the leaders in organizations tend to enjoy it much. I wouldlike to become a business manager because this profession provides aplatform for personal development. It does this by allowinginteraction with numerous other professions making is a form ofhybrid. Another reason is that I would want to be in a leadershipposition and ensure that people always do what is right and fruitfulto organizations just like Tim Cook in Apple ensures frequentinnovations.


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