Business Research Ethics


BusinessResearch Ethics


Thejob market has changed significantly as a result of globalizationwhich has reduced trade barriers and introduction of newinternational markets, as well as advancement in ICT. Many Americanshave lost their jobs due to productivity, new hiring practices andbusiness layoffs and closure. Many firms in manufacturing industryhave transferred their operations to countries where the productionof goods and services is cost-effective. Therefore, those workers whoare prepared in terms of education, social and mental will be thebeneficiaries of the global integration. The changing workenvironment demands for innovative and creative workers. In thiscase, education and flexibility are important factor in adapting tochanging workplaces. The negative effects of globalization will beexperienced by low-skilled workers as they are exposed to high riskof unemployment. Low skills includes but not restricted to productioncrafting, servicing, assembly and machine operation, andtransportation jobs. In addition, education affects skills and incomelevel. Jobs in service areas such as health and education areincreasing tremendously, but conventionally are low paying jobs. Onthe other hand, careers have changed significantly since most themare not longer exemplified by increased income, power and status, butrather they are exemplified temporal moves and job switches. As aresponse, organizations are embracing portfolio-centred work insteadof position-centred work (Bettina,2003).

Unethicalresearch practices

Thereare numerous unethical research practices reflected in this articlesuch as patenting and copyright issues, authorship, andconfidentiality in peer reviewed journal article. In addition, someof the opinions that are presented by the author are tailored so thatthey can support his topic. For example, the author gives examples ofUnited States to show how globalization has affected careers.Therefore, the information given by the author is biased as onecountry cannot be used to explain the concept of globalization.Therefore, the author faced ethical challenges when it came tocross-cultural research. In addition, the author does not followguidelines of writing the correct format for writing articles. Inother words, the author has not followed the rules and principleswhile writing this research article. For example, there is no solidintroduction, background information, methodology, findings anddiscussions, and recommendation. Moreover, the research questions areused as subheading for each paragraph. This format is very unusualwhen it come to a research article.

Partiesafflicted by research injury

Themost injured parties include students and future researchers. Mostsignificantly, students are afflicted on the sense that they will notbe able to write research articles in future as they will berepeating the same mistakes done by the author. Therefore, studentswill not develop researching and reporting skills because they willbe writing research without following the laid out procedure andformat. This issue will affect students’ academic performance asthey will be repeating the same mistake. In addition, the studentswill be affected in future careers as they will have a biasedknowledge on how globalization may help them achieve their dreams.When conducting such a research on globalization, students will faceethical challenges when comes to development of cross-culturalresearch. Students are also future researchers and if they such aresearch article in their study will affect future research inbusiness. Therefore, students should embrace ethical behaviours whenwriting research by observing codes and principles of integrity,honesty and respect to intellectual property rights.

Effectsunethical behaviour in this research the organization, theindividual, and society

Thisunethical behaviour will affect schools and students, as well associety at large. The school will be affected in terms of performanceas students will be underperforming as they have not fully developedskills needed to undertake research. At individual level, thisethical behaviour will affect students’ research writing skills andthey will not be competent as expected. When an individual andorganization are affected negatively, the society is also affectedsince individuals and organizations they remain the property ofsociety. Therefore, what happens to individuals and organization isdirectly felt in the society in equal measures.

Monitoringor resolution of this unethical behaviour

Giventhe significance of ethics in carrying our research, it should not bea surprise for government agencies, professional associations, andinstitutions of higher learning to use specific codes, policies, andrules regarding research ethics. Some of the ethical principlesinclude but not restricted to honesty, objectivity, integrity,carefulness, openness, and protection for intellectual property, aswell as confidentiality and responsible publication. In addition, theauthors of the research article should exhibit high levels of ethicalbehaviours when it comes to decision-making in research. Although,policies, codes, and principles are very significant and purposeful,they do not address all situations, and they often conflict, and theyneed substantial interpretation. It is therefore essential for theresearchers to study and understand how to assess and interpret, aswell as apply different research protocol and even how to makeethical decisions and to react in different situations. Most of thedecisions include the direct application of ethical principles andrules.


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