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California’sSolar Initiative


California’sSolar Initiative (solvingenvironmental degradation issues/making stainable lives)


Overthe time, the essence of environmental degradation has become a thornin people’s lives. This has in turn led to the formation of groupsas well as peoples activities in curbing the menace, which hascontinuously affected both people and the community negatively indifferent and numerous aspects. It has in turn become an initiativefor governments, individuals, and communities at large to cometogether in reversing the negative impacts caused by environmentaldegradation. Due to the degradation of the environment in differentaspects, communities, organizations, and governments have embarked onestablishing an environmentally sustainable society. The initiativehas been to satisfy human basic needs such as clean water, food,water, clean air, and shelter into the indefinite futurewithout&nbspdegradingEarth`s natural resources andpreventingcurrent and future generations of humans and other species frommeeting their basic needs (Anderson&amp Strecker, 2012).


Environmentaldegradation can be simplified as the aspect of worsening of theenvironment through exhaustion of the resources such as air, water,soil, and water, including as well the destruction of the ecologicalunit and the destruction of wildlife. In other words, it has beenreferred as a disturbance to the environment, which is&nbspallegedto be damaging or detrimental. One of such organization or movementthat has been on the forefront in fighting environment degradationhence leading to more sustainable lives. This paper looks into howpeople and communities are engaged in activities to solve issuesaround environmental degradation hence working towards sustainablelives (Blay-Palmeret al, 2013).

Overthe time, different human practices have been termed as harmful, tothe environment and hence measures to curb the degradation have beeninitiated. There have been different activities initiated to solvethe degradation menace. The aspect of environmental, sustainabilitypertains decision making as well as taking actions, which are in theinterest of protecting the natural world. The sustainabilitypractices greatly emphasize, on preserving the capability of theenvironment to support human life. The practices of sustainabilityhave emerged because of considerable fears about the unplannedeconomic, social, and environmental, consequences of speedy economicgrowth, population growth, and consumption of our natural resources(Collins&amp kearins, 2010).


Inreference to the article, CanWe Feed the World &amp Sustain the Planet?By Foley, farming has become one of the major environment threats.The fight and effort to feed the ever-growing world population hasled to human activities leading to increased use of the land.Practices such as clearing the land, industrial activities, farmingmarginal lands, have increased human activities to the environment.However, the article looks into possible solution to reverse thedegradation of the environment. These include stoppingthe expansion of agriculture`s footprint, encouraging the use ofresources much more efficiently, decreasing food waste, among othersmeasures. In summary, the measure to curb the degradation menace isto implement effective farming practices (Foley,2011).

Solvingissues around environmental degradation and leading to moresustainable lives

Oneof the major and significant areas that have been exploited inconserving the environment is through environmental energyconservation. World organizations, NGO’s, government initiative,and programs have embarked on energy conservation. One of the majorcontributors to environmental degradation is the exhaustion of thedifferent sources of energy. People have over time depended on thewood as their source of energy, overtime however, other measures orsources are being implemented to curb the environmental degradationthrough aspects such as desertification. This measure has led tocommunities adopting the initiative to have other sources of energysuch as solar, wing, geothermal among others, which areenvironmentally friendly to the people and society (Blay-Palmeret al, 2013).Additionally, communities have adopted the recycle-reuse initiativein preserving the environment and in turn making it sustainable forthe future and more lives. The program to establish sustainablesources of energy have been promoted by organizations such asCalifornia`sSolar Initiative, which has embarked on encouraging the society toadopt the solar power in their homes, “California Solar Initiativeprograms gives back cash to people who accept to install solar ontheir homes or business”. The initiative has been to take thecommunity in the direction of a clean energy future (Bengston&amp dockry, 2014).

Environmentaldegradation, has become a global issue, this has in turn attractedthe agricultural sector, which has embarked on promoting agriculturalpractices that are environmentally friendly. Preventing theenvironment has become a way of life within the farming andagriculture sector (Fromherz,2012).This is whereby, the farming practices are meant to promoteenvironmental preservation such as planting of trees, to curbdesertification. Agriculture has become one of the most practicedactivities amongst communities globally. This has in turn led to theidea that, environment prevention is the way of life for most peopleglobally. This has been initiated to have zerowaste, sustainable living and carbon footprint reduction becomingcommon goals in households and businesses. Sustainable farming hasbecome a move in preventing environmental degradation and turnproviding sustainable lives to people in the society (Collins &ampkearins, 2010).

Reductionof solid waste has also become a measure in curbing environmentaldegradation. One of the activities that have greatly contributed topollution of the environment is the increase in solid wastes as wellas use of polythene bags. This has contributed to increase in solidwaste materials, which are not degradable. This has in turn led tothe pollution of water bodies, land, among other environs. In orderto make the environment, sustainable in the future, communities haveembarked on the production and use of biodegradable materials. Thishas been implemented to reduce the volume of solid wastes and in turnreducing environmental degradation (Fromherz,2012).

Oneof the major contributors to environmental degradation is theenvironmental pollution. There are different pollutions in existence,which include land pollution, water, air, toxic pollutants, andmarine pollution among other forms of pollution. There has been awidespread campaign on practices to curb pollution to theenvironment. Land, water, and air pollution have been termed as themost tremendous factors contributing to degradation of theenvironment. This has in turn led to measures being implementedthrough international organizations, communities, and governments inreducing environment, hence increasing its sustainability (Bengston&amp dockry, 2014).

Theissue of environmental degradation has brought along a key ecologicaldialogue that’s pertains factors that contribute to the ever talkedabout issue of environment as well as how to control the menace. Theissue of environmental degradation has many a times brought forth thediscussions on what are the effective measures to curb the menace.The topic has led to dialogueregarding to the ecological and human systems that contribute to theproblem as well as how to prevent the problem. It’s evident thatthe issue of environmental sustainability has been a burning issueamong different people community, NGO’s and governmentorganizations on how to curb reduce the problem among communities, aswell as in nations. The issue of environmental security has become aninternational problem such that, international organizations such asthe UN has a branch dealing specifically with environmental issues.Global dialogues have brought along different version solving aygiven problem. This explains why different organizations havedifferent approach solving any given problem. In the given case ofenvironmental degradation, different organizations have differentapproach to the problem, but the main target is to providesustainable lives to the community at large.


Environmentaldegradation has become a menace in different and many countriesglobally. This has led to the formation of organizations andgovernment initiatives to curb the menace. Communities andindividuals have taken the mantle in solving issues aroundenvironmental degradation. There are different actions programs thathave been implemented to curb environmental degradation. Control ofpollution, effective farming practices recycle and re-use principle,as well as clean sources of energy is some of the initiativesimplemented in making more sustainable environment and lives. Inaddition to California`sSolar Initiative, there are other similar programs, which haveembarked on making the environment suitable to sustain more lives.Therehas been numerous initiatives and practices implemented to curb theenvironmental degradation menace. However, it depends with theregion, as well as human activities being practiced by people.Finally, it is clear that, human activities have been on theforefront, in causing environmental degradation. However, humanactivities can be implemented in the same case to curb the menace,and hence the need to include the community and people in reversingthe case.


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