Car Accidents



Caraccidents are a tragedy that continues to hurt people world over.News of tragic roan accidents dominate news bulletin every day. Roadaccidents can be largely categorized as single vehicle eitherrolling over, or colliding with a fixed object. It may also be amultiple car accident involving two or more vehicles colliding witheach other. There are three major causes of road accidents drivingunder the influence (DUI), distracted driving and teenage drivers.

Drivingunder the influence is a major cause of accidents on our roads. Aperson who is drunk and get on the road increases the risk of causingan accident than a driver who is sober. An intoxicated personbelieves he can do anything while in actual sense he cannot (Impinenet al., 2010).They endanger their own lives and those of others. Most have ended inhospitals, on wheel chairs, in jail or dead from DUI.

Secondlyand the most common cause of accidents is distracted driving sinceit’s not nationally prohibited, unlike DUI. A distracted driverdoes not have full concentration on the road and is at risk ofcausing an accident. Distracted driving include using of wirelessdevices to communicate, chat or text while driving, talking to apassenger in the car, eating and drinking while driving, grooming,watching a video, using navigation system and even adjusting a musicplayer while driving (Wilson&amp Stimpson, 2010).This causes a driver to lose concentration and may not respond toroad signs, traffic lights and even cannot notice other road userslike pedestrians. This can cause serious accidents resulting todeath, destruction of property or injuries that may last forlifetime.

Finally,teenagers on the roads are as deadly as drunken drivers or distracteddrivers. They are immature and they can do crazy things like speedingor racing with friends to show their prowess in driving. They arealso likely to engage in road rage, which can cause fatal accidentson the roads. Teenagers may take their parents cars withoutpermission and go out doing all forms of crazy things includingdrunken driving. They may also not have a driving license or theexperience to be on the road on their own despite having a validlicense (Impinenet al., 2010).This can cause accidents which can kill them or others, disable themor other people or even destroy property and can lead them to jail.

Conclusively,road accidents is an alarming tragedy globally and have taken severallives, made most people become disabled, or even in jail. The threemajor causes as discussed are driving under the influence, distracteddriving and teenage drivers. They all have serious consequences.


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