Case Study Fauquier Gas Company


CaseStudy: FauquierGas Company


  • Fauquier Gas Company can be classified as one of the best gas companies in Carolinas, as well as, around the country since it is ranked among the nation’s 440 gas companies.

  • The area in which the company served changed from agricultural use to commercial and residential.

  • Fauquier Gas Company is operating under a strict and difficult timeline of five months, whereby a new construction project should be ready by September in order to meet the increasing demand for gas.

  • In order to go online by September and the following year respectively, the company has to ensure that a 31/2 miles and an additional 10 miles of new gas lines is ready to meet their customer’s need.

  • Mr. Bill Murphy, who heads the supply management department, of all issues involving procurement in the company, while Mr. Byers is the construction manager. Mr. Pat Wilson is the Company’s design engineer, while Sam Law approves the company’s designs as he is the project engineer. The vice president is in control of all the above mentioned departments in the company.

  • As the manger of the supply management department, Murphy is responsible for the new project’s material purchase to be used in gas distribution such as fittings, meters, and pipes among others.


  • The company has a major communication problem, as it is evident that Mr. Murphy learns about the new project after he overheard Mr. Byers talking about it during lunch time.

  • It is likely the Fauquier prefers cross functional teams as seen in the project, rather than appointing a specific team to take charge of the project. Cross functional teams, which involving taking specialists from various departments may be time and resources consuming.

  • The current engineering design requiring pipe of ¾ thickness and 57 feet long is compromised by the previous design as the pipe thickness was 3/8 inches and 40 feet long. Because of the failure to include Mr. Murphy, the designers thought longer pipe would need less welding.


  • The vice president needs to communicate and inform all members about the new project, as well as, the progress. If Mr. Murphy could not have overheard Byers talking about the project he could not have known and, thus, the vice president is partly to blame.

  • Mr. Murphy should call all the team members to a meeting including the vice president to discuss the upcoming new project. The meeting should focus on meeting the project’s deadline and pipe specification.

  • The supply management department should be notified of the specification changes and current findings before any purchase is made.


  • The vice president and Mr. Murphy should begin by acknowledging the close relationship that exists between the supply management and the construction department. This should help to increase cooperation between the department and the communication between individuals.

  • The company should give a department a specific time deadline because chances are, the project can be delayed if they do work under a specific timeline.

  • There should be an open communication between the engineers. The manager of the supply management department should emphasis to other team members including Pat Wilson, Charlie Buck and Sam Law on the need to involve him before changes in specification and supply is made. These changes should be brought to his attention.


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