Case Study Ford Fusion


The case is an analysis of Ford’s development of car models thatmeet global market demands in all aspects. The aspects includemanufacturing vehicles, which are fuel efficient, safe, have the bestdesign and easy to handle. Following the realization that customer’sdemands keep altering, and that the demands have minimal disparityconcerning customer’s country, Ford decided to create the Mondeo.The vehicle was the company’s initial international car, andits launch was successful. The development of the Fusionfollowed Mondeo. Ford has since progressed to advance in itscar manufacture, ensuring that its cars are unmatched. Notably, Fordemploys global teams in its manufacture, ensuring that ideas areshared amid all nations where Ford operates. It also ensures thatresponsibility is fairly divided amid global teams. For instance, oneteam handles engineering, while another handles designing. Ford’scar development strategy has been successful to date.

Ford’s success largely derives from the capability of managingglobal teams. Realizing that the vehicle will meet global demands,employing global teams ensures that there are representatives fromdifferent countries contributing their design, and ideas on what carmodels they deem apposite (Tan 69-71). What makes global teamseffective is ensuring that all teams are aware of their expectationsand utilization of effective communication (Marx 33). From the daysof the Mondeo, a coordination group was founded to synchronizethe actions of the global teams. Ford’s efforts in managing globalteams have also been triumphant following the use technology, likevideoconferencing, the web and diverse telecommunication channels.Global car advancement from the period of the Mondeo to theFusion has become more refined, upgraded and able to meetglobal demands.

The process utilized in developing the Fusion comprisesmostly of strengths. The company employs a global car developmentprogram comprising of global teams. The program through team effortshas resulted in the manufacture of vehicles to the market at a fasterrate (Menipaz 511). This is because as one team handles theengineering of all vehicles, and another handles exhaust, uniformityis maintained in all vehicles. Contrary to previous car developmentprograms where every advent product project had its own developer fordifferent parts, Ford has advanced to ensuring their vehicles match,for instance, by having the similar exhaust system in all vehiclessold and made internationally. A different strength is on theinsistence on safety. Ford’s Fusion includes several adventtechnologies to enhance safety, like a system keeping drivers in theright lane, one for parallel parking and traffic sensing in a blindspot. Design is another aspect, which makes the Fusion unique.It has an exceptional and customer focused design.

The Ford has employed a strategy that is effective in manufacturingand introducing cars to the market. It employs global teams, andconducts research to determine what consumers want. Most importantly,designs unique cars, which meet safety requirements from all targetnations. Hence, there are no recommendations on changing any aspect.Ford is successful and progresses to succeed.

Global development teams have been effectively used. Provided teamsare aware of their role, then completing a project is fast andeffective. A company needs to determine why they need global teams.Ford realizes that introducing a global car needs the effort of teammembers from target countries. In addition, Ford has used technologyto aid in communication and coordination. The only addition to Ford’sstrategy may include having a team to conduct customer feedback andreview following the introduction of new car designs. The review aidsFord in further making cars that are precise in terms of customerneeds.

Ford Fusion succeeded because they targeted a global market, whichensured that they widen their thinking in terms of the best cardesign, quality and safety (Lan and Bhuvan 39). Prior to approvingwas the consideration that customers have similar car needs hence,focusing on a global car would result in more gains. Others can learnabout the effectiveness of global teams in project development. Teamsenable work to be distributed, meet quality needs and are completedas fast as required.

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