CEO (Chief Executive Officer) – is in charge of co-coordinating the

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) – is in charge of co-coordinating the entire company. The CEO ensures that the different departments function as anticipated.

Production manager:

In charge of the production of toys, right from the idea, designing and creation of the final product.

In charge of ensuring that product, quality is guaranteed during manufacture.

Marketing manager:

After creation of the product, the marketing manager works with other personnel to come up with the best advertisements for the toys. The manager is also in charge of distribution.

Finance manager:

The manager is accountable for managing the company’s finances, including expenses and incomes.

The manager creates the company’s financial statements.

Plant supervisor:

Supervises the employees in charge of creating the product to ensure all toy requirements are met.

Market supervisor:

Confirms that the toys are properly advertised, in a timely manner.

Chief assistant:

works with the manager to check and counter-check financial records, statement and any other relevant financial

Staff – every department comprises of employees working under their respective supervisors.