Challenge Facing HRM Professions

ChallengeFacing HRM Professions


MostSignificant Challenge Facing HRM Professionals

Itis such a great task to comprehend the mindset of labor force, keepthe finest aptitudes of the trade, and inspire them to execute theirchores better as well as handling assortment while upholding harmonyconcurrently. There have been quite a number of constructive growthsas a result of globalization. Nevertheless, globalization has leftnumerous anxieties for HR managers. In modern business world, HRprofessionals cannot simply react to change they have to be quickenough to lead that change (Paauwe&amp Boon, 2009).This study is about the challenges and trends that the HRM professioncurrently faces and might face in the future and the resultingchanging roles and competencies required of HRM experts. Thereare quite a number of challenges that human resource managementprofessional faces. Among these challenges, there are those that areso significant to this field of profession. This paper discusses themost significant challenge facing the Human Resource Managementprofession. This challenge is talent attainment and employeeengagement.

Talentattainment and labor force engagement is seen to be the biggestchallenge that HR managers are facing. This is according to an onlinesurvey by and absolute data (Paauwe&amp Boon, 2009).Talent attainment entails knowing the foundations of the talent poolby assigning chores to HR consultant as well as headhunters. Theprocess involved here can include perusing through selection processby various advertisements and conference recruitment. HR managersmust go through all these processes and find the best candidate withenough experience that will suit the company. This involves talentattainment or acquisition (Collings&amp Wood, 2009).

Lastly,talent acquisition is such a huge challenge due to the process thatthe HR managers have to go through to get the right individual thatwill fit in the job. And as noted by Collings&amp Wood (2009), thereis a lot of time wastage as well as resources during this process.


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