Characteristics of an Ethical Leader

Characteristicsof an Ethical Leader

Anethical leader is the one who leads people by knowing what is right,doing what is right maintaining ethics in their decision making. Oneof the top characteristics an ethical leader must have isdecisiveness. An ethical leader must be a good decision maker whobases his or her judgments in doing what is right. According toLanglois (43), an ethical leader must know the right thing to do inevery situation and practice the ethics in the decisions he makes.Therefore, as an ethical leader, he will be making value-drivendecisions that are not only ethical but relevant to the situation.Moreover, such a leader will not be complacent to factors that canlead to unethical decision making.

Secondly,an ethical leader must be honest. To be an ethical leader, anindividual must practice honesty in three main ways. First, he or shemust be host to himself so as to get committed to the values ofethics while making decisions. Secondly, he or she should be honestto the society so as to make decisions that adhere to the ethicalvalues and ideals (Manuel and Rabindra 16). Finally, honesty of theleader will influence him to adhere to the organizational principlesof accountability and ethical practices.

Finally,an ethical leader must be a just person. According to Manuel andRabindra (19), it is not possible to separate ethics with thepractice and principles of justice. As a leader, being ethicaltranslates into being just and fair to all the members of the team ororganization he or she is leading. Therefore, a just leader will notpractice favoritism, a practice that forms the basis of unethicalbehavior. As a result, the leader will build teams with ethicalconsiderations in the leading where each of the members of theorganization will be confident in the decisions made. Through thesequalities, a leader is able to practice ethics and lead as an ethicalleader.


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