Cigarette Smoking


Cigarettesmoking is the important substance that should be addressed inAmerica because despite its legal state, it a major cause of manydiseases and deaths. Every year, cigarette smoking causesapproximately 440,000 deaths accounting for one fifth of totaldeaths. In fact, it kills more people in America than alcohol,suicide, AIDS, homicide, car accidents and illegal drugs combined. Itcosts the country about 100 billion dollars every year throughmedical expenses and productivity loss. Approximately 19.3% of thepeople living in the United States smoke cigarettes. It has also beennoted that smoking affects other people who do not smoke if theyhappen to be near a cigarette smoking person. Therefore, it alsoaffects non smokers. Families and friends who are in constant contactor live together with a smoker are likely to be affected by smoking.Due to the nature of cigarette smoking, its impacts on smokers andsecondary smokers warrant it a complete ban. Some of the commondiseases associated with cigarette smoking include cancer,hypertension, and respiratory illnesses among many others (Center forDisease Control and Prevention).

Toregulate use of cigarette smoking, Food and Drug Administrationpublished a rule restricting the sale, distribution, and marketing ofcigarettes. This rule intends to protect young children and teenagersfrom smoking tobacco. One of the most profound rules in cigarettes islabeling it as a harmful substance. Further, selling of cigarettesshould be restricted to the people above the age of 18 years. Assuch, when selling cigarette, sales people should check the ID ofpeople who look young to ensure that they are above 18 years. Theregulation also states that cigarettes should be sold to peoplethrough face to face interactions. Sale of cigarettes using vendingmachines is also prohibited except for places that are restricted toadults only. Adverts of cigarettes are also restricted to staticblack texts displayed in a white background. Audio soundtrack shouldnot be accompanied with music and other sound effects except for thewords only. The mentioned rules on sale and marketing of tobacco aredesigned specifically to regulate the sale of cigarettes and makethem less attractive especially to children. This will prevent themfrom trying their first cigarette and eventually get addicted (U.S.Food and Drug Administration).

However,despite the existence of these rules, many children continually tryout smoking cigarettes. Many people today have become addicted tosmoking of tobaccos hence, risking their health (Haustein and David152). The efforts to restrict cigarette smoking have not yieldedfruits yet because many cigarette smokers are below the age of 18.Even smokers above the age of 18 years harm their health and that ofthose close to them while they smoke. The nation continues to spend asignificant amount of money on cigarette related healthcomplications. Therefore, there is great need to come up with betterstrategies to curb tobacco smoking.

Thegovernment should ban the use and sale of cigarettes completely. Therestrictions put in place have not helped to solve the problem in anyway. The violators of the new law should be jailed for several monthsor imposed a heavy fine that will discourage them from selling andusing cigarettes. Those who will be caught using cigarettes for thesecond time should be imprisoned without fine or put in arehabilitation and counseling facility. Cigarette making companieswill need to be informed several months before the ban so they willsell everything that is in stock. On the other hand, the governmentshould advice cigarette addicts to visit rehabilitation centers thatwill monitor and help them withdraw from cigarette smokingeffectively.

Thisstrategy will appeal to many citizens because it serves to protectminors and adults from trying out this harmful substance that willeventually harm their health. It is the duty of the nation and all toprotect the minors from engaging in behaviors and habits that mayprove to be harmful to them even when they are adults. Likewise, itis the duty of the nation to protect its people against using harmfulsubstances that can claim their lives. Many non smokers will buy thisidea because they are aware of the benefits it will serve individualsand the nation as a whole. On the other hand, there are people whowill disregard this idea because they feel that what one consumesshould be none of anybody’s business. Further, there is a questionof cost effectiveness of this ban. Many companies that producecigarettes will be closed thus, causing loss of revenue through forthe government. The employees in these companies will also lose theirjobs causing another problem of unemployment. It is also notable thatbanning of cigarettes will have a negative immediate impact oncigarette addicts who will experience difficulties in withdrawingconsidering that the rehabs will be full.

Banningof cigarette smoking is beneficial in the long run. If it kills morepeople than other forms of substances that are illegal combined, itis only logical that it should be banned. Some of the illegalsubstances such as marijuana are not as harmful as cigarette, but areillegal. Therefore, cigarette smoking, which is more dangerous shouldfollow suit.


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