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NikeKid’s Soccer Shoes FunctionalModification

Socceris one of the leading sporting activities in the world of sportsindustry. The players either for competition, entertainment or forphysical fitness require the right fitting to participateeffectively. A marketer can identify a gap among stakeholders when itcomes to the supply of outfit such as t-shirts, shorts, socks andshoes, and attempt to bridge the gap. Nike is a prominentmanufacturer of soccer shoes for many years. However, the company hasnot been keen in developing kid’s orientated soccer shoes, which isthe foundation upon of the marketing plan is developed. The marketingplan intends to undertake functional modification on the currentproduct line of soccer shoes to serve to serve the kid’s needs.

Themodification process is similar to the new- product developmentprocess. The functional modification starts with idea generationtriggered by the increased number of kids playing soccer, but usesthe shoes that are similar in features to those used by adults. Afterscreening the shoes that are used by the children today, are heavyand not designed to fit the needs of the kids. Nike has the capacityto understand functional modification, and the required experienceand distribution model exist, which makes to implement the idea. Thefunctional modification involves the reduction of the material usedin making the current kid’s soccer shoes to reduced their weightand assist in improving the shiftiness of the players the tender age.In addition, this will assist in reducing accidents and injuries tothe playing kids. The modified product will be tested within thelocal market where several kids’ teams will be supplied with theshoes a free- sample model, in order to test their functionality. Thepresence of the product will be communicated through a number ofplatforms including Nikes website, social media, print media, andinternational television stations.

Themanagement of the product will be matched with the current productlines of soccer shows. In this perspective, existing distributionchannels will be used, and hence no rearrangement would be required.In this perspective, the modification project is expected to beefficient and that the intended objectives will be realized.