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Benefitsof Ericsson from Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Ericsoncomputer is one of the largest providers of technology and servicesto the mobile operators. It leads in providing 2G, 3G, and 4G mobiletechnologies. Furthermore, it provides network support to over threebillions subscribers hence, leads in managing network services. Itcomprises fixed network and mobile infrastructure, software, telecomservices, broadband and multimedia solutions for enterprises,operators and media industries (Gamlinand Oliver, 2010).ST-Ericsson and Sony Ericsson jointed ventures to providefeature-rich personal mobile devices to their consumers. Indeed,Ericsson benefited from Amazon Web Services (AWS) in terms ofautomated software updates, cost reduction, on-demand availability,and remote access. This is through the improved quality of life ofEricsson that makes businesses more versatile and at the same time,reduces infrastructure costs and errors. AWS is accessible at all thetime, relatively cheap, and does not require long-term subscriptionfor full access. Therefore, Ericsson can provide AWS with low chargesdue to Amazon’s existing infrastructure. Additionally, due to AWS,the Amazon’s global infrastructure is an affordable alternative.Its automated updates make it easy to Ericsson to update its systemglobally. At the same time, AWS infrastructure offers Ericsson achance to adapt in the ever-changing market. For instance, servers,bandwidth, and application requirements can tweak once rather thanwait for days for the arrival and installation of new hardware andsoftware.

Scalability,dependability, manageability, and adaptability of Amazon ElasticCompute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Services (AmazonS3), and Right Scale

AmazonElastic Compute Cloud (EC2) offers a scalable deployment environmentby providing portals whereby users can boost virtual image. Forinstance, a Virtual Amazon Machine Image, which have all requiredapplication. On the other hand, Amazon Simple Storage Services(Amazon S3) make use of online storage. According to Gamlinet al. (2010),both the EC2 and S3 are sufficient at offering customized solutionsfor SMAs and large firms. RightScale offers an organisation thecapability of solving provision and operation challenges in thevirtual data centre.

Securityconcerns for cloud-based services and suggestion to cope with theseconcerns

Someof the security concerns for cloud-based services include securingdata transfer, software interfaces, stored data, maintaining useraccess controls, and providing data separation. Therefore,organisation must come up with solutions to these issues. Below aresome of the possible solutions. Companies using cloud-based servicesmust ensure the data travels in a secure channel, authenticated andencrypted using standard protocol of the industry. Turbanand Volonino(2010),recommends organisation to be aware of software interfaces and thecloud services. Furthermore, the data must be encrypted on the cloudand provider’s servers. Additionally, employees of a company shouldaccess and control the data stored on the provider’s server. Theorganisation should also provide data separation and ensure thecloud-based service share Amazon’s servers and otherinfrastructure.

Possiblescalability, reliability, and cost issues associated with cloudcomputing andsuggestionto overcome them

Scalabilitystreams applications, media, and application to increase its users.Some of the issues that inhibit scalability are software clutter,lack of data-caching, third-party scaling and improper use ofdatabases. According to AmazonWeb Services (2011),Amazon should integrate multiple load balancers in form of software,hardware, and server farms to increase and manage reliability andtraffic.


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