Politicalart: positive influence of music in a film

Manycultures have connected music and politics as one of the major waysin conveying certain messages to their target audiences. The music isapparent in overly political songs, making it easier for thepoliticians to woe their supporters on certain political issues. Thefilm, Capitalism:a love storyis an intriguing documentary on American politics and the Americaneconomy. Analysis of the film shows that the actor of the film hasperfectly used music as a tool in raising awareness on the state ofthe American economy.

Thefilm Capitalism:A Love Story isa film that centers its themes on the influence that big corporationshave on the American economy. Primarily, the film explores banks,investment firms, and the influence that they have had on theeconomic operations of the federal government. The film is writtenby Michael Morre analyzes the financial crisis in the late 2000 andthe order in which various big organizations created strategies ingetting back on track. The film has covered the various economicissues in the United States such as Goldman`s Sach`s, poverty levelwages, home foreclosure, and the casino mentality in the Wall street.Moore explores these events in the light of the capitalism and thefederal government and the extent in which their actions go inaffecting the ordinary Americans. Michael Moore has also introduced areligious aspect where he explores whether Jesus was a capitalist andwhether he would advocate for capitalism. The film aims at educatingthe audience in the effect that capitalism has on the economic ordersand how the big organizations take their master their economicterritories their way up at the expense of the low and middle-incomeearners (Michael web).

Musichas also played an effective role in conveying Moore`s message on thenegative influences of capitalism. One of the moments in which Moorehas used music in an interesting way is during the description of theReagan era. The song that plays during this moment is the OFortuna byCarl Orff. Being an historical moment, the tone and the mood of themusic serve the purpose of making the audience connect the joy thatthey experienced when Reagan announced deregulation and theconsequences currently being faced in the American economy (Salfen48). The other moment that music is interesting is when Mooreintroduces the Cleveland tourism video. The lyrics of the music inthis video show how contamination of the river, expensive houses,poor economy, among other issues that Cleveland is facing. Moore usesthe lyrics in this video to show the effect of capitalism in thefunniest way through the film. The third moment that music has beeneffective in the film is the last part of the film where heintroduces the song by Tony Babino, TheInternationale.This song serves the purpose of concluding that capitalism is an evilthat the rich and influential members of the American community usein attaining their financial positions. The song acts like an anthemand a wakeup call for the ordinary citizens in understandingcapitalism and the economy (Michael web).

Insummary, the film by Michael Moore is an informative film on thenegative influence of capitalism and economic order in America.Through the film, Michael Moore has effectively used music as a toolin conveying his message n capitalism and the American economy.Michael More has used different songs and artists in different partsin the film, which are in accordance with the lesson that he wantsthe audience to learn. Despite the difference in the composition ofthese songs, Michael has ensured that the main theme on the negativeinfluences of capitalism is conveyed to the viewer.


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