Columbus assignment




WashingtonIrving was an American author, historian, biographer, and a diplomat.In 1928, he published a book “A History of the Life and Voyages ofChristopher Columbus.” In his script, Irving stated Columbuswriting had a mixture of history and fiction, and a genre known asromantic history. He based this reasoning from an extensive researchconducted on Spanish archives together with imaginative elements.Irving sources for his book are not adequate because he used thesources to give his own biography and history. Similarly, there is noenough adequacy of Irving’s book as a source on Columbus. Accordingto Irving(1828),Irving used active imagination and some aspects of sentimental andfanciful. Therefore, Irving presented a partial portrait of thebiography rather than ambivalence of Columbus.


Accordingto Irving, the earth is a globe or a sphere, and it is possible totravel from east to west and for two people to step each other footto foot on opposite side. Columbus divided the circumferenceaccording to Ptolemy. This is from east to west through the equatorthat makes three hundred and sixty degrees. Irving also estimatedthat one-third of the earth is yet to be explored. Irving also statedthat Columbus committed a mistake while reasoning. Columbus error wasdue of his insufficient experience in navigating around the sea. Hebelieved the calculation of Marinus of Tyre to be true, and that ashort distance on the earth surface is represented by one degree(Irving,1828).


Ican say that the adequacies of my sources for this project are notone hundred percent accurate. Firstly, the authors of the used bookdid not also have adequate information. Christopher Columbus andWashington Irving did not agree on some information. For instance,they both had different figures to indicate the circumference of theearth.


Irving,W. (1828).&nbspAhistory of the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus.London: John Murray.