Communal Life Styles


CommunalLife Styles



Anintentional community refers to a group of people with the sameinterests and work harmoniously to establish lifestyles that relateto their core values. These community groups are not in particularlocations. They can be established in rural areas, suburban or inurban areas (Sawyer,2012).They can also be in a single residence or clump places. There aredifferent types of intentional communities that include and notlimited to student organizations, farmers communities, and cohousingand land cooperatives amongst others. These communities differ inphilosophy and lifestyle, but in each group, there is mutual supportamongst the members as well as a sense of belonging to the community.

Intentionalcommunities behave the same way as individuals. This is in the sensethat they can be categorized based on certain distinctive features.The communities are different from the other, and there are no twogroups that are identical. Intentional communities tell apart due tovarious variations such as philosophy, behavioral characteristics,leadership style, mission and personality amongst others (Sawyer,2012).In addition, the members are unique in every community. Researchshows that the primary cause of social epidemic in most people isloneliness. People, who do things in their way by themselves, attimes feel depressed and lonely. The important artifact in a person`slife is the people we associate with in the society. Some believethat they can do on their own, but the assumption is untrue. Thenature of work and demands for some people make them assume that theyhardly can get any time left for community. It is important to sparesome time and relate to particular intentional communities that bestincorporate in their communal lifestyles (Sawyer,2012).

Theintentional community that makes more sense to me is a ChristianCommunity (spiritual community). The assent of my decision is becauseit best incorporates the communal lifestyles. The Christian Communityis a global group for dedicated individuals who seek the path toliving and accepting Christ as their personal savior. The Christianlife involves sacraments that help devoted congregation to worktogether and build vessels that help them receive god`s grace(Sawyer,2012).The Christian community comprises of independent fellowships thatform a charitable organization. It also consists of leaders commonlyknown as priests who have responsibilities and mandated to lead thecongregations in the communities that they represent. Priests havethe necessary priestly experience to teach the communicants, and theydo not follow any established structures.

Everyperson requires a community in order to be fully human. The reasonsfor my choice of the Christian community have been demonstratedbelow. It is of importance to note that God himself wants people tobe united. It is quoted in the Holy Scripture that “It is not goodfor man to live alone”. Further, according to the creation theory,God proved that individuals cannot become what he wants them to beunless they are in the community (Sawyer,2012).I have described my choice of the Christian community in numerousways.

Thefirst reason I choose Christian community is because it has helped meto develop. The clique has assisted me to grow in Christ`s likenessmore than I would have been if left alone. Real transformation occursin the community. My reason conquers in the Holy Scripture that Jesusate and experienced life together with his disciples (Sawyer,2012).He showed his disciples the importance of loving God and theirneighbors in every situation. This community has allowed me overseethe actions of Christians and the kind deeds of helping the poor,disadvantaged, unemployed, as well as resolving conflicts. It isimportant to associate in the Christian community so as to spread thegospel to the generations to come.

Thesecond reason is to serve. Christian community has helped me revealthe real calling in life. It is paramount to state that God gave eachand every person skills and individual abilities so that we can be inthe service of Him both at church and the outside world. It is alsoimportant to utilize God-given gifts for the service of others(Sawyer,2012).It is achieved through associating in community that assist divulgeour passions as well as encouraging us. The Christian community isthe best place a devoted believer should relate so that he can beprayed for, counseled and led spiritually.

Theother prove of my choice is to witness. According to the gospel ofLuke, Jesus once prayed urging people to be united in the entireworld just like the way He was sent to save sinners (Sawyer,2012).Further, the doctrine shows that God`s love was experienced when Hesent Jesus to save the world. The oneness of believers in thecommunity is the only way through which people will be convinced bythe gospel.

Thearticle that got my attention is that God demands community from Hisdisciples. The Holy Bible states that in order for one to experienceGod existence, you must be in quest of His word. In addition, onemust demonstrate good relationship with others and seek the power ofHoly Spirit for spiritual guidance (Sawyer,2012).The Christian community demonstrates that Gods presence is felt whenone do good deeds to others as God himself live in the hearts ofthose who cherish Him. It is sincere to say that God lives within usand wants to help us in our life. He listens to us, but He does notphysically appear in an angel figure, but instead He manifestsHimself in form of friends (Sawyer,2012).I, therefore, find it necessary to belong to a Christian communitythat will help me improve the relationship with God, as well as myneighbors. The greatest commandment that Jesus gave, he emphasized onthe love for one another the same way He loves us.


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