Company Policies



Company: Goldland Construction Concept Limited (GCCL)

Corporate QualityPolicy

The directors, aswell as management of GCCL are dedicated to operate each aspect ofthe company by adhering to the standards, which provide the highestprobable quality of service to all customers. This is backed by aprogressive management approach, which endorses a quality culture allthrough the construction company. To strengthen the dedication, thecompany has a quality management structure that functions in allsectors of GCCL. Management is devoted to the ongoing enhancement ofthe quality management structure through establishment and review ofquality objectives for all sectors. This is aimed at guaranteeingthat GCCL works efficiently and effectively, in addition to meetingthe needs of clients. The quality management’s structureeffectiveness is calculated via planned audits, managementassessments and efficient corrective and preventive measures. Allemployees are aware of the company’s devotion in ensuring that theyprovide quality construction services. This is because the companyserves the needs of individual family, both small and large scale,corporate companies, societies, administrations and multinationals.Dedication to quality in all factors of business commences frommanagement to all other employees, in the different divisions. Weunderstand that the success of GCCL is founded on giving our best.Thus, we encourage each other to depict individual support to thequality management structure through progressive active participationin actions that guarantee quality.

Corporate CommunityPolicy

GCCL is obliged tonot just generating income, but ensure that we serve our communitydiligently. The company is aware that the method used in designingand constructing houses has a social effect, which lasts for decades,the life period of constructions by GCCL. The company is a leader inthe delivery of practical and sustainable alternatives, andinnovative service solutions in the construction industry. GCCL has astringent insistence on our accountability to customers andcommunity. From the most basic division of the company, business hasbeen carried out with the greatest level of integrity in all times.The company supposes that it is the ethical conduct, which hascontributed to current success. We realize that currently, more thanever, it is not merely enough to avail quality service to clients.Rather there is need to demonstrate concern towards the company’srelationship with community at large, as well as the surrounding.Hence, GCCL has a goal of running a responsible business, surpassingwhat law mandates, leading through example whereas also safeguardingand improving the needs of stakeholders. The aim is to be viewed as aperfect corporate civilian and specifically sound to community needs.To attain the status of a corporate civilian, GCCL has been involvedin community work, which improves the infrastructure, real estate,institutional and commercial sectors.

Corporate HealthPolicy

The health policyof GCCL is designed to conform to the “Occupational Health andSafety Act” (Civitello &amp Levy, 2008). The act requiresconstruction employers to have a documented health policy. Employershaving more than five workers must prepare a health policy, assessthe program and sign the policy on a yearly basis. In addition is themandate to create a program for implementation of the health policy.GCCL realizes that the wellbeing of its employees is of utmostsignificance in improving their effectiveness. Thus, in compliancewith the act, the company has its own health policy. Its policy is aclear-cut statement demonstrating the dedication of directors andsenior management in ensuring workplace wellbeing. All our employeeshave a medical cover, ensuring that we cater for their medical needsas soon as need arises. Realizing that working in the constructioncompany exposes employees to many dangers, GCCL has an emergencyresponse team, to deal immediately with any urgent health needs inthe line of duty. The company is not only concerned about thewellbeing of its employees, but that of people served. This isachieved through construction services that promote health, by usingthe best construction material, by not operating in manners that posehealth risk to those within our surrounding. The company is alsoengaged in community initiatives, which are meant at promoting thewellbeing of society.

Corporate SafetyPolicy

GCCL’s safety policy is formulated to meet the terms of theStandards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA), and to work towards ensuring a safe, as well as injury freeplace of employment (Civitello &amp Levy, 2008). The OSHA copy isprovided to all personnel for use and reference. Every person at GCCLmust be aware of the provisions in the OSHA. In addition, the companyhas also written its own safety policy, to complement that mandatedby OSHA. As a result, all workers are obligated to comply with thesafety stipulations. It is the policy of GCCL that preventingaccidents is a major concern for all workers. This majorly entailsthe safety of our employees, who are the most important companyasset. Other individuals included in the safety policy aresubcontractors, as well as clients. It is the mandate of everyindividual working at GCCL to ensure the avoidance of wasteful,ineffective operations, which could cause harm. When documenting thesafety policy, management covers all personnel, right from seniormanagement to the most junior worker. Management has a commitment toensuring safety by guaranteeing that the tools and equipments used inthe company as in the right condition. In addition, the machinery isoften checked to ensure proper maintenance, so no individual’ssafety is put at risk when operating company machinery.

CorporateEnvironmental Policy

Our fundamentalobjective is to develop and ensure first class environmentallyaccountable culture. This is inspired by our objective for zerotolerance to pollution. GCCL progresses with its focus on thedevelopment of a positive, as well as proactive environmentalsociety, not just for our personnel, rather all suppliers,subcontractors and customers. Safeguarding the surroundings is at theheart of our operations. GCCL is wholly committed in undertaking ourwork in a responsible way, which attains and ensures the greatestenvironmental standards. The company values the significance of thesurrounding, realizing that a healthy environment is a pillar in ourperformance model. GCCL prides in the fact that most of our projectsaims at the delivery of projects, which enhance the surrounding. Thecompany realizes the need to progress in enhancing our environmentalperformance. Hence, in all activities we engage in, we ought tocomply with applicable environmental laws, practice codes, andparticular industry mandates. Every employee at GCCL is aware of theenvironmental policy. The policy is provided to all workers to referto during their line of operation. The company is also involved inthe funding on community projects, which endeavor at ensuringenvironmental sustenance.


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