Comparing the Definition of Marketing

Comparingthe Definition of Marketing

Definitionof marketing

Comparingthe Definition of Marketing

Initially,the concept of marketing was broadly defined and encompassed both themicro and macro marketing, normative and positive theories, andnot-for-profit and profit marketing (Lusch, 2007). Based on thesenotions, early scholars defined marketing as a process of figuringout what one could do to sell their services or products with theobjective of getting some profit. The concept of marketing hasevolved for more than a 100 years. Currently, scholars have come up astandard definition of marketing, which states that marketing is aset of institutions, activities, and processes of communicating,creating, exchanging, and delivering offerings of value to theconcerned parties, clients, and the society (American MarketingAssociation, 2014). Although this definition is still broad, it hascombined many definitions into one, thus clearing areas ofdisagreement among scholars. The present definition makes it clearthat the process of marketing should facilitate the delivery ofservices or products that have value (not just services and products)to the target group.

Linkbetween the definition of marketing and philosophies that guidemarketing efforts

Thedefinition of marketing is guided by three major philosophies. First,the concept of ‘to market’ is used to imply that marketing shouldfocus on bridging the gap between the products and the targetconsumer, which is achieved by taking them to the market. Secondly,the concept of ‘marketing to’ is used to imply that the processof marketing includes the exercise of identifying clients andmarketing services and products to them (Lusch, 2007). Lastly, theconcept of ‘marketing with’ used to suggest that the process ofmarketing should aim foster the collaboration between markets andclients with the objective of creating value. This means that anyacceptable definition of marketing should include the ideas ofbringing services and products closer to clients, identification ofthe target customers, and collaborating with customers to createvalue.


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